Updated: May 30, 2023 1:23pm Release Notes

This topic has information related to the release of Prism Prism 1.14 represents a milestone in Prism development. It is the first version of Prism that comes with a standalone installer. The Prism 1.14 installer, with its included Retail Pro Integration Layer (RIL) components, provides everything you need to operate Prism as a standalone system.
IMPORTANT! RIL is for new Prism users only. If you are an existing Prism user (version 1.13.2 or earlier), do not install RIL.

  • Enables you to operate Prism in a completely standalone manner using RIL Oracle Database, RIL Management and RIL Communications
  • RIL Oracle Database can be populated manually or by importing XML files that are formatted correctly
  • RIL Management provides the user interface for managing the RIL Oracle database and accessing certain features not available in Prism
  • RIL Communications enables you to communicate data between RIL Oracle Databases (via XML files)
  • Prism Admin Console Connection Manager has special profile types for replicating data to/from RIL Oracle database


  • RIL is intended for new Prism users who are using Prism 1.14.0 or higher
  • The final part of the version numbers for Prism and RIL (1.14.0.x) will not always agree

System Requirements are the same as for a standard Prism deployment. Refer to the Prism Getting Started Guide for a full list of System Requirements.
To operate Prism in a standalone manner, install the RIL components in the order listed. After installing the RIL components, install the Prism stack. Refer to the What's New in this Release document for installation instructions.

  • At Prism HQ: Install all RIL and Prism components.
  • At each POA: Install all RIL and Prism components.
  • At each Store: At each Store: Install all RIL and Prism components. Note: If at the store level you already have a database (i.e. MySQL database), then you do not need to install the RIL Oracle database.
Component Description
RIL Oracle Backend database. Installs a blank Oracle 12c database.
RIL (Prism) Management Prism Management interface. Installing this component also applies the latest file updates.
RIL Communication RIL Communication handles communication between the RIL Oracle Database and other servers. Data is communicated as individual