Updated: May 30, 2023 1:20pm Release Notes


  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in
  • By default, the RIL Oracle database is installed to the C:\ drive. The installer does not automatically select the drive with the largest available amount of disk space.
  • Prism and RIL use different numbering sequences: Prism is and RIL is

Technical/Architecture Changes

  • We have removed several columns from the default response returned for a standard item lookup (GET request) on documents. A full list of the removed columns and more details can be found at the end of these release notes.
  • The Biometrics table schema has been updated; replicating biometrics requires using a profile that includes only the biometrics resources. See the What's New topic for details.

Known Issues

  • When Centrals is enabled and a user is doing central customer lookup, the operator drop-down is set to EQUALS and cannot be modified; however, the query is a CONTAINS query.

New Features

  • Transfer Verification
  • PI by Zones
  • Tax Code, Tax Area, Tax Rule Management


  • Reverse Slips
  • City and State Lookup by ZIP Code
  • Tech Toolkit Scheduler enhancements (auto refresh, status, multi-task)
  • Price Level Price (PL Price) discount type for Reward Rules on promotions

For detailed information about these and other new features and enhancements, see the What's New topic.

 Fixes (132 Issues)

The following list outlines key issues that have been addressed with this release. This list is not intended to reflect all possible fixes done during the given period, but those that are deemed important for review and specific to this release.

Issue ID Description Solution
Adjustment Memos    
17174 Get 'Request Timed Out' error when searching for memo generated when updating Markdown on large data Code was changed to prevent a time out while a large adjustment is accessed.
17711 Adj.Memo: Store dropdown for Qty adj memo does not show all the assigned stores for associate Full list of assigned stores are available in drop down.
17192 Scanning items to an ASN gets progressively slower Paging controls have been added to ASNs, with a 30 records per page. When users add a new item to an ASN, the item will be listed at the top of the grid list (when sorted by the default 'created_datetime'). Users can sort the list via column headers and advance through the pages to find items.
18368 Cancel ASN  operation does not occur when re generating an ASN from a PO Cancel ASN operation works properly when re generating an ASN from a PO.
16845 Configuring the Voucher/ASN grid format to use both 'Qty' and 'Orig Qty' fields does not result in both fields being displayed on Voucher or ASN document grid's The change has been made to optionally allow the non-required field to be selected in Grid Formats. The required field will be automatically added if not included to allow expected functionality.
Batch Receiving    
17979 Batch Receiving an ASN with two packages does not create voucher in RIL Web client no longer enforces uppercase package number
17674 Batch receiving: Need translation of the words "Marked ASN" in the ASN Lookup screen Label is now translated.
Central Customers    
18061 With central customer lookup enabled, adding to a receipt a customer that has a null value in a required field does not inform the user why the customer cannot be added Code was changed to bypass required fields check when copying a customer from centrals.
17239 Central Customer Lookup for different subsidiary - no results Global customers in other subsidiaries can now be found via the centrals lookup
17321 Receipt apply customer price level price to only the central returned item but not other item listed after the returned item Central Returns involving customers with special price level are now handled correctly.
Central Gift Card    
17781 Central Gift Card keeps prompting for gift card number Code was changed to prevent Prism from prompting repeatedly for the Centrals Gift Card number if the user switches between the Tender and Document screen.
17318 Cannot use central store credit to purchase central gift card Code has been changed to allow purchase of Central Gift Cards with Central Credit tender.  Remember to set the option "When tendering by Central Credit restrict given tender to" to 'No Restriction' instead of the default setting of 'Cash'. The setting can be found in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transactions > Centrals > Central Credit
Central Store Credit    
18398 While offline the cashier is able to add multiple central store credit tenders exceeding the "offline take limit" 'Offline take limit' is now considered correctly when centrals is offline
Connection Manager    
16994 Connection Manager > Use Existing RIL Server option is confusing during initial deployment Verified drop down is populated when the RIL address in installation defaults is populated.
When Null the RIL connection screen takes the user directly to creating a new server that is then saved in the installation defaults settings for RIL server.
17414 Customers created in Prism and replicated to RIL are not assigned "Createdby _id" when the "LOGIN" does not match "EMPLOYEE " When creating/modifying any resource, Prism will use employee name instead of username by default as created/modified by.
15807 Select the default entry for individual customer UDF in Admin Console Customer UDF has been added to Prism. Users can now access the Admin Console and create, replace, update or delete customer UDF's. UDF values can be selected as a default setting when creating new customers.
17123 New transaction from customer screen does not work Code was changed to remove the ability to start a new transaction from the customer module.
17712 Customers module not loading customer in new transaction. Code was changed to remove the error of adding a customer when this preference was set.
18554 Customer child records (email, phone, address) are not getting deleted Cust address, cust email and cust phone can be deleted now and the deletion is replicated prism to prism. However the changes will not be replicated to RIL  and in case the Customer is edited in RIL after the changes were done in prism the record will replicate back to prism and populate address, email and phone records.
When centrals is on the records will not be deleted as the data is fetched from central server and the records do not get deleted from RIL.
Customer Loyalty    
17353 Item-based redemption for partially available points is not working correctly Disabling the Redeem button when there is a negative balance or no selection has been made
16457 System not prompting to use loyalty points when adding customer after item listed Code was changed to properly handle loyalty items before or after a customer is added to the transaction.
17601 After an edit is done in Retail Pro 9, inventory field Lty Redemption is changed to equal Lty Earned when Prism replication service is running Editing a loyalty item in Retail Pro 9 will no longer inadvertently alter the Loyalty Price field.
18351 loyalty point redemption does not work at Prism  POS when the loyalty program configuration is EARN TYPE item base REDEEM TYPE total based Loyalty redemption for Redeem type Total Based works correctly.
17661 After saving a new DCS, nothing happens when user clicks the Copy button Users can now copy a newly created department.
16537 Usability: Creating new DCS does not assign to inventory upon DCS> CREATE Code was change to automatically assign DCS Code and Vendor when created at the time of item creation.
17580 Disbursements and cash drop not working with second sub Code was changed to properly handle the way the disbursements module was referencing the base currency of each subsidiary.
16796 Disbursement with multiple tender does not replicate to RIL Code was changed to properly replicate disbursements that have more than one tender type.
Document Designer    
17563 Add created_datetime and invoice_posted_date to the Gift Receipt Area so they can be added to gift receipt design The Gift Receipt schema was updated to include created_datetime and invoice_posted_date. The invoice_posted_date is now by default listed on the Gift receipt designs. If the Created_Datetime is also desired, it can be added manually.
14117 Add the Store Credit Balance to the Receipt DocDesign Added new attribute: TENDER.STORE_CREDIT_BALANCE is populated for non-central store credit tenders.

ASCII characters being displayed in doc design when using Chinese character

Document Designer now properly reads UTF-8 encoding while reading/writing report designs.
17257 Documents/tags are not formatted correctly on printout when text element is rotated on the print design Elements can be properly rotated with the rotation property.
18484 The inventory."ACTIVESEASONSID" field is printing zero on Merchandise Tags Code was changed to properly display the 'Active Season SID' in the added field to the tag design.
EFT - B+S    
13878 Port 20007 receipt text block responses not captured in case of multi-proxy Corrected the code so that when multiple proxies are running at the same time and run a B+S transaction, all the proxies can print receipts.
16592 Proxy reconnects to B+S customization incorrectly after timeout Corrected Proxy customization to kill and restart a customization that is not responding with more reliability.
17358 Some errors returned do not allow printing a declined receipt Updated plugin to properly handle errors and print declined receipts.
18220 Employee search by field not working Filters now work properly.
17991 Employee search not working as intended and gives an error User can not add items to a held document when using Standard Shipping layout.
General System    
12797 Prism login credentials can be seen from POSV1service logs Need seamless way to reconnect when in offline mode for MYSQL systems that are running on tablets.
8276 Add the ability to use zip code lookup in order to fill in the city and state during customer creation ZIP (Postal) Code lookup for US and Canada is now available for Customers, Employees and Vendors.
You must enter complete postal codes: 5 digits for US and 7 digits for Canada (including any spaces).
18424 Add ZIP Code lookup support. ZIP (Postal) Code lookup for US and Canada is now available for Customers, Employees and Vendors.
You must enter complete postal codes: 5 digits for US and 7 digits for Canada (including any spaces).
18485 Side Buttons are not responsive in Internet Explorer Prism has been updated to account for IE 11. Future Prism functionality may not be compatible with IE 11.
Grid Formats    
18216 Grid information not loaded in grid formats Changes have been made to address the root cause (differing TTK Client Codes when joining), however if problem is introduced when using earlier versions of Prism technical support assistance will be required.
18712 Subclass missing from Inventory Lookup A new column called 'Subclass name' is added as a searchable field and as a display field that can have a default value set to visible.
16688 Inventory UDF fields do not show data in List view but you can see the data in Form view Verified the correct values for each UDF are displayed in both list view and form view. All labels and values match for proper mapping as well.
17577 Update search results does not deselect old selected item New resource lookup should now display number selected down near paging.  If there are no selections or more than one selection button bar selections are disabled, but selection will be reset with a new search so count will not include previous selection and buttons will be available.
17737 Enhancement Request - Request to add fields to Prism Inventory Tax fields have been added to inventory: Ext PWT, Tax 1%, Tax 1 Amount, Tax 2%, Tax 2 Amount, Ext Tax 1 Amount, Ext Tax 2 Amount, Order Cost, Ext Cost, Form View Fields, Ext Tax Amount
16586 iOS launcher 2.0 - No camera icon on Transaction number for a return lookup in portrait Layout Camera functionality was added to the transaction lookup screen for return items and receipts.
Line Display    
17334 Line display shows same value for Item Price and Item Price with Tax Fixed invalid check of tax value (was checking float value for string length) to make sure the proper value is added to line display calculation
16458 Selecting to fill to balance on customer order using percentage works incorrectly Code was changed to properly handle the percentage of deposit amount.
Physical Inventory    
17195 Physical Inventory - zones See the What's New document.
17982 PI Sheet Item Grid cannot be configured in Admin Console.  We need to be able to add ALU. ALU column has been added to the PI grid.
17832 Override for permission "POS - Lookup Zero Prices Items" does not prompt cashier for override credential "POS - Lookup Zero Prices Items" Permission has options to Allow and Deny only and the Override condition is removes  from permissions.
17121 Prism grouping qtys by 2's in document item Code has been updated to correctly group document items.
18156 POS tender amounts are not rounded before adding payment or change    Updated issue where tender rounding didn't work on store  credit or central store credit
17807 POS Tender Cash buttons first use adds to Take amount when rounding tenders Updated cash buttons to reset value when using tender rounding
16188 POS transaction cannot be updated with foreign currency rounding and no cash rounding The code was using the incorrect rounding instructions. Code has been updated to always use Normal rounding.
17791 Advance Item lookup for Doc Qty is not working correctly in any of the Store operations

Following changes are made to Adv Item Lookups in all Store Operation & POS documents. Go to any document Item Lookup, search for items:
1) Doc_qty/Doc_cost/Doc_price(based on type of document) are added to the lookup result grid & are pinned to the right-end of grid. Now you can enter value in ‘Doc_qty' cell of any item and it will add that item to the document
2) Double-click of any item in the lookup result grid, will add that item to the document and closes the lookup modal
3) Selecting an item in the lookup result grid will enable "Item Details" button(bottom-left button), only one item can be selected at a time [item selection doesn't add that item to document]Doc_qty/Doc_cost/Doc_price columns  of any item are populated with values, if it is already been added to the document
4) Doc_qty column of any item can be used for add/increase/decrease Doc_qty value on the document but cannot remove the item

17836 Using the Quantity button more than once without changing the quantity value will automatically shift the focus to Item Lookup The focus remains on Qty value on clicking on qty button more once without changing the qty value.
17980 When using the Standard Shipping Layout, after you discard a receipt, the transaction Option Buttons do not Work. The Option buttons now work after discarding a receipt.
12994 Request a preference for setting default filter for pending documents A new preference was added to allow users to select a default pending transaction filter type.
User can select the have the default filter of pending transactions set to Discarded, Pending, Held or ALL. Pending being the default selection
18124 Select Associate window: 2 blank entries The Select Associate window no longer has blank entries in the drop-down
18005 Force logout after completing transaction logging user out after doing a transaction lookup Prism will no longer force a logout when viewing transactions.
17603 Cannot return item with multi-vendor ALU similar to ALU without leading zeros.    Items added to the document were being handled differently, depending on the item type - (sale vs. return). Adjusted code so that the variables would be handled in the same manner for both types.
17647 Quick tender disappears when return to document    Adjusted code to maintain quick tenders upon returning to document screen from tenders screen. Adjusted code to maintain quick tenders upon returning to document screen from tenders screen.
17981 Standard Shipping Layout: After Discard the Transaction Item Lookup Hangs Corrected internal code references to objects to be able to check if there are items and tenders on the document, which is used to control the behavior during canceling a document. A document with items must be cancelled, or other action taken before the lookup can occur.
18231 Transaction discount: Discounts that are greater than item price causes an error Changed code in Item Details Discounts to allow price to be changed to an amount larger than the original price.

Making a return against a document that contains both order items and sales items can result in returned_qty being deducted from the wrong item when replicated to Retail Pro 9

The problem has been corrected.  Existing users who may have a combination of Sales and Order items on transactions can contact technical support for assistance.
18806 Promotions: Incorrect dates are selected Date selection works properly across various regions.
POS - Customers    
18348 Unable to add new Ship To customer to the document Bill To customer is no longer added or replaced when adding Ship To customer.
13727 Customer would like the ability to change a customer on a receipt after update. User can add customer on former receipt when there is no customer.You cannot change customer nor you can remove customer.
All totals, price levels, tax areas etc. should not be changed - only loyalty points will be recalculated.
18486 Document is removed if the Cancel button is clicked twice even after tenders present The Cancel button now works correctly.
POS Discounts    
18451 Enable Employee Maximum Discount Override function always warns/prompts "DISCOUNT CAN'T EXCEED EMPLOYEES MAXIMUM DISCOUNT"  when applying a document discount Code was changed to properly handle the active employee's max-discount at item level and document level.
POS Fees    
18227 Prism Shipping Fee number does not map correctly to Retail Pro 9 Shipping Fee number Shipping fees will now correctly map to RIL.
POS Items    
17956 Item level tracking number on a receipt in Prism does not replicate to RIL    Tracking No is now replicated to RIL as PKg# Tracking No is now replicated to RIL as PKg#
16432 Unable to change quantity when customer or layaway order is set to default item type for POS Code was changed to correct the way default sales order items are added to the transaction.
POS Returns    
18729 In case of return with reference, original invoice reference number not replicated  from Prism to V9 Prism to V9 mapping was updated to properly send the document reference info for return transactions.
POS Tenders    
18245 Check Available Charge Limit  does not work in Prism when tendering with a customer that has a charge limit Corrected problems with the dialogue and 'required fields'.
17514 Need the ability to suppress printing of items with zero quantity on transactions A preference has been added in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transactions > General, called Print Zero Qty items (checked by default), which allows the user to decide to either print items with a Doc Qty of zero or not.
17424 With tendering rounding enabled, receipt total that rounded down to 0 does not have a record in the TENDER table Prism will now support the the export of a RIL receipt to SAP when a Prism transaction has a zero total and requires no payment.
17395 A gift receipt does not print if there is a void item or return item on the receipt When receipt has a void item or return item, the user can print the gift receipt successfully.
17514 Need the ability to suppress printing of items with zero quantity on transactions A preference has been added in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Transactions > General, called Print Zero Qty items (checked by default), which allows the user to decide to either print items with a Doc Qty of zero or not.
18803 When doing a print preview in Prism, dll's that are required for V9 reports are being deleted Tag previews from POS no longer affect the .dll for RP9 printing.
17207 Apply promotion discount only when both promotion and customer price level are in effect A new option has been added to promotion activation details that will allow a user to override a customer price level assignment against an item.
This will always assure the discount is being applied to the desired price level.
16434 Allow a Promotion reward (discount $) to be the difference between the active store Price Level and the Promotion Price Level prices A new reward discount type of "PL Price" has been added to Item, Quantity and BOGO promotion rewards.
17461 Promotions: A BOGO promo will not apply when the reward item is different than the validation item and sort order is 'Optimized' Code was changed to properly handle the optimization option to BOGO rewards.
17527 Inventory max_disc_perc1 and max_disc_perc2 both affect promo discount calculation. Code was changed to allow promotions to properly apply the preference setting for applying max discount or accumulated max discount.
17947 Promotions: Importing a list of DCS codes into the validation item filter using 'Does not Contain' or 'Does not Equal' does not result in items being excluded from the promotion that belong to a DCS in the list. Code was changed to properly handle the import of DCS codes.
18062 Request to add transaction discount based on specific filtered items in reward rules Create Promo as follows:
General Details: Promotion Type: Custom
Activation Details: Apply: Unlimited
Validation Rule:Sale Items - Filtered(With Or Filter for the Items qualifying for Promo) and Item Subtotal - $300
Reward Rule: Transaction Discount - Normal - Disc$ - $100
18335 Promotion price not reflected in subtotal when detax customer is used Fix Verified. Promotion price is  reflecting correctly in subtotal when detax customer is used .
18526 Transaction discount promotion populates note5 with the discount reason instead of the promo name It now shows Promo Name in Item's note 5 field.
18658 BOGO promotions - BUY (validating) items do not get promotion name written to the item note field Code was changed to properly write the promotion name, of each promotion that has a validation item, to the item note field. The name of the promotion is written into the item note field selected in promotion preferences. If a validation item validates more than one promotion, the item note field will only record 1 promotion name. If the preference does not have an item note field selected, nothing is written to the item notes fields. See the What's New topic.
18398 Printing fails due to common service request for auth timing out because all RPSLIstener threads being used to re-load promotion cache A new dedicated background thread was introduced specifically for re-loading promo cache. This will help prevent memory consumption during the replication and loading of promotions.
17539 Prism Proxy tries to connect to port 80 even if you define a different port Prism Proxy now connects correctly to server in installs where, during installation, the server port was changed from 80 to another port number.
For example, should port 80 already be in use and someone chooses to run prism on port 81, during installation of the Prism stack, one should change the port number for Apache to 81, change the Server port number to 81 during Server installation, and during the Proxy (and DRS) installation, the 'server port' should be set to 81.
Purchase Orders    
18417 Generate PO from SO created from Prism will create a blank PO Code was changed to properly consider the correct qty fields from the SO when generating PO.
16776 Country and Language needs to be added to Full Replication (P2P, RILToP, PtoRIL) Users can replicate Countries and Languages via dedicated resources. These resources can be included in all Profile types (P2P, RILToP, PtoRIL)
17838 Initialize core resources from MySQL POA to subordinate RIL/Prism get stuck during joining the enterprise Code was changed to prevent the initialization of core resources from freezing up on clean installs.
18289 Editing an existing  Prism-to-RIL Profile in Prism > Admin Console > Connection Manager > RIL Dashboard > Profiles  causes it to be cleared when saved Code was changed to properly preserve the resource settings after editing the profile.
17988 Customer Aux/UDF fields put into wrong column during replication Code has been changed to ensure that Customer UDF/Aux fields come over correctly to Prism when replicated from RIL or pulled down from Centrals.
18681 Customer Phone record is deleting Code was changed to properly handle the replication of customer records and data.
18633 Customers record: Customer Disc % reverts to zero after replication Code was changed to properly handle the replication of customer discount.
18692 Replication fails to convert orig_controller number during processing when foreign currency exchange rate is set in only one direction There is no error in the logs and document is replicating correctly.
RP Companion    
17389 When using VAT the Sales Performance Values are not correct Code was changed to properly display VAT sales.
17009 Detax showing the incorrect amount Code was changed to properly display the detax amount.
15068 Tax Code Management, including Tax Area and Tax Rules The ability to manage tax codes, tax areas and tax rules has been added to Prism in Admin Console > Preferences & Settings > Node Preferences > Taxes > General.
Tech Toolkit -- Scheduler    

Scheduling Service - Add fields to ScheduledTask to manage simultaneous running of same task by different task records

Prism Scheduler enhanced.  Added Auto-Refresh setting and ability to schedule the same task multiple times.
Touch Menus    
17662 Unable to rename button on Touch Menu Code was changed to properly handle the editing of an existing touch menu button.
18029 Cannot view held transaction in Touch POS Code was changed to properly access held transaction from touch POS.
18553 RP-Select Modal does not close when enabling Touch Screen Select Inputs in Admin Console The modal now closes as expected
13213 Transfer Verification Feature See the What's New document.
17775 All comments from former slips are displayed in new and former slips in Prism as default comments and those comment can be deleted from the table from the UI    Comments are fixed, now it doesn't show former slip comments on new slip. Comments from former slips now do not show up on new slips.
17397 Auto logout causes items to be dropped from being added to slip when there is a backlog of queued items The new methodology for adding items using the Doc QTY column in combination with the timer reset has resolved this issue.
16502 Change default position of the cursor once an item is added to a slip Code was changed to always place the last scanned item at the top of the list ready for edit.
17774 Cannot generate slip from TO - Getting error saying SlipCreator: There is no item with due quantity found for generating a slip TO total recalculation fixed.
16740 Cannot save voucher comment default on workstation node    The comments setting screen will only be displayed at the subsidiary level where they are intended. The comments setting screen will only be displayed at the subsidiary level where they are intended.
16849 Configuring the Voucher/ASN grid format to use both 'Qty' and 'Orig Qty' fields does not result in both fields being displayed on Voucher or ASN document grids. Prism now allows selecting non-required fields in Grid Formats. The required field will be automatically added if not included to allow expected functionality.
17581 Vouchers reversed in Retail Pro 9 are not updated in Prism The status is replicated correctly in Prism for Reversed Voucher.
17001 TaxPerc2 is not calculated in Vouchers Voucher TaxPerc2 calculation is corrected.
17556 X/Z Out filter is not defaulting Cashier to ALL    X-Out now saves all default filter. Note: The "Save Default" button has been removed from the X/Z-out filter UI. X-Out now saves all default filter settings. Note: The "Save Default" button has been removed from the X/Z-Out filter UI.
18019 In a VAT environment, using the default XZ designs that break out Tax as a separate row in the Net Values section display Sales including tax instead of Sales without tax

Now tax is displayed as a separate row, and the sales row is without tax. A new preference has been added:
Admin Console > Preferences & Settings > Node Preferences > Reporting > XZOut > Report Settings
Select the preference if you want the sales row to display the combined sale and tax amount.

17957 Z-Out sequence advances when reversing reconciling Added a "Sequence" field to the ZOUT_CONTROL table. The Sequence field is populated when a ZOUT_CONTROL record is created and retains this sequence value so when report xml is generated/regenerated it does not advance sequence and uses stored value.
17378 The Retry Count setting is not incrementing correctly. Code was changed to properly track every attempt at the retry of reconciliation during Z-Out close.
17669 X/Z-Out reports different Begin Date/Time when running for prior date Code was changed to properly handle the filter times of a 24-hour period on a DST day
17858 Z-Out Lookup screen only shows Currency Over/Short amount.  Should show Currency and/or Non-Currency Over/Short Code was changed to properly display Former Z-Out list view.
17877 Z-Out net sales amount does not match the actual sales amount Code was changed to properly display the correct tax and sales when running Z-Out.
17579 Non-currency window won't populate if the group has X/Z Out - Open Register disabled Code was changed to properly handle the X/Z-Out - Open Register permission.
17855 User defined card types do not show up correctly in the ZOUT Taken Non-Currency Tenders matching screen User defined card types show up correctly in the ZOUT Taken Non-Currency Tenders matching screen
17574 When closing a drawer and entering the close amount screen a non-descriptive error occurs Code was changed to properly translate the error message.
17038 Z-Out close issue - Reconcile progress will stop 0% and no respond if we change cashier to all

Code was changed for  removing 'All' option when closing the register i.e., register definitions(cashier, workstation, drawer or till) if they are checked as required before opening the register otherwise 'All' option is available.

Note: After opening a register with specific register definitions then the register must be closed with the same definitions. If you change, then open & close registers aren't linked together, this leads to data inconsistency which always shows a drawer open if you try to switch from 'structured' to 'unstructured' Z-out mode. User would need to use former Z-outs to find and close the open drawer.