Updated: May 30, 2023 1:19pm Release Notes



  • Windows 10 users must launch the Proxy using the "Run as Administrator" option
  • Clear the cache before you try to log in

Technical/Architecture Changes

  • All documents allow up to 5000 items maximum.
  • The Centrals server settings have been moved to Installation Defaults from Node Preferences > Transactions > Centrals. You must reenter the settings.
  • B+S changes may require you to edit the customizations.js and customizations.html files. See the What's New document for details.

Known Issues
The following are known issues that will be fixed in a future release.

  • #18890 Printed tags from documents not properly sorted
  • #19271: Allow Search By control is missing default fields in grid format preferences for the new document lookup grids. See the detailed note at the end of these release notes

New Features
Style Management
EFT with Adyen
Special Orders
Z-Out Audit
Reconfigure Host Computer
Document Designer Design Groups
RIL Conversion Tool
B+S Changes
Genius UI and Workflow Changes
Email Receipts in HTML format
Document Lookup Enhancements
Column Header indicates Sort Field, Sort Order
Change Receipt Tax Area permission
Change Item Tax Code permission    
Modify Workstation permission for X/Z-Out Reports
Allow Price Increase on Promotions
Add Rules to PL Price Discount Type
Centrals Server Settings moved to Installation Defaults
Default Number of Copies for Print/Update
Edit Coupon Sets
Merchandise Exchange Workflow
TechToolkit Service
Retry setting for Customizations
RetainXLogs setting
SDK Samples moved to GitHub
Prism Boolean Flags

For detailed information about these and other new features and enhancements, see the What's New topic.
 Fixes (65 Issues)
The following list outlines key issues that have been addressed with this release. This list is not intended to reflect all possible fixes done during the given period, but those that are deemed important for review and specific to this release.

Issue ID Description Solution
Admin Console    
16254 Admin Console preference panel headers need update for preference node change Code changed to update label for header.
18795 Admin Console: TO sequencing allowed to exceed maximum field limit Sequence max length changed to match schema.
App Card    
19089 AppCard customization configuration tool is using HTTPS instead of HTTP Code change to use http instead of https in Prism server field.
18734 Central store credit values are inconsistently updating store credit values while in offline mode Centrals server settings are now entered in Installation Defaults. Users must re-enter centrals server settings after upgrade to 1.14.6.
18937 Customer lookup fails when using Phone as the primary lookup Phone works correctly as Primary Lookup for customer on POS document.
17029 The Customer UDF1 Date and UDF2 Date are Missing from the Customer Screen UDF1 Date and UDF2 Date fields are available and allows user to select the dates and it retains  values on saving it.
Customer Loyalty    

Loyalty - not displaying the correct loyalty earned and loyalty earned (positive) values when total is over 1000

Changed the code to properly display loyalty points.
18609 Proxy timeout value should be configurable

The Retry setting for Customizations defines the maximum number of times the customization will attempt to establish a connection to the Prism Proxy. By default, the system will try three times to establish a connection to the Proxy. You can change the Retry setting to the desired number. The Retry setting is stored in the CUSTOMIZATION table as MAX_NOTIFICATION_TRIES.

18470 Move SDK samples from BitBucket to GitHub The Prism SDK files can now be found here:
19237 Un filtered selection being run in Prism looking up documents The following resources have a default GETLIMIT of 100 defined:
RPSRestServiceModule.ini: company, customer, customerlist, document, drawerevent, inventory, invnlot, invnserial, inventorystyle, InventoryList, InventoryStyleList, timeclock, zoutcontrol
PrismBackOffice.ini: adjustment, document, inventory, invnlot, invnserial, InventoryList, InventoryStyleList, purchaseorder, transferorder, transferslip, vendorinvoice
PrismCommon.ini: customer, customerlist
16937 Cash Drop is missing workstation number and workstation SID Workstation Name and Number are now replicated with the disbursement records. Workstation SIDs are NOT replicated.
Document Designer    
16054 To Store Name, To Store Address, To Store Phone and To Store UDF's missing from Slip DocDesign. New store information fields have been added to the Slip document designs: Store Name, Address 1..6, UDF1..5, and Phone1..2 for InStore, OutStore and OrigStore.
EFT - Adyen    
16165 Implement Adyen EFT service in Prism Adyen EFT service has been implemented in Prism. See the What's New document for information.
EFT - Cayan    
17410 Genius Mini workflow and UI changes Changes in Genius Mini workflow and UI as part of Prism certification with Genius Mini.
General System    

Replace document lookups with new standard lookups

Various changes have been made to standardize document lookups in Prism. See the What's New document for information.
18848 Need visual indication of sort column, sort order When you sort a grid column, you will now see a bold up/down arrow in the top right of the column, indicating the order of the sort (ascending or descending). This makes it easy for a user to immediately know which column is being used to sort data as well
18801 All documents should allow up to 5,000 inventory items maximum. New limit of 5,000 items for all documents. In the case of purchase orders, vouchers and slips, the code also checks if serial items can be potentially split and prevents splitting if splitting takes the number above the limit (e.g. changing serial item quantity to 10,000)
16609 Prism language file missing content

PRISM language file missing content
1) "Take" is translated
2) "Give" is  translated
3) "Return to " is a separate translation from "Document" since it is possible to be returned to a customer instead. Updated controller to display translated "Document" or "Customer"
4) Updated controller to display translated word "Ready" for status
5) "Show Allocations" is translated.
6) Updated button definition for "New Transfer Order" and "Transfer Orders Lookup" to display translated values.
7) Layout change makes it obsolete to translate "Date" on the upper right corner of new transfer order.
8) Added translations for column headers "assigned", "Doc Qty" and "Difference".
9) Layout change makes this obsolete. But the fields in Inventory search lookup are not translated.

16563 Inventory and other grids should indicate if a column is sorted and the order (ascending or descending)

Sort order is indicated with a bold up/down symbol when invoked.


18510 Reconfigure Host Computer tool for renaming servers Reconfigure Host Computer tool is now available in Prism Tech Toolkit. Refer to the What's New document for more information.
18573 Prism locale revers to US English on US Systems Corrected problem causing regional information to be lost.
19244 Proxy hardware manager fails to initiate correctly if it receives an incoming request prematurely Modified the proxy to complete hardware configuration before starting the HTTP listeners to accept connections from the web client.
16638 RetainXLogs setting does not work as documented The code forRetainXLogs setting has been updated. See the What's New in this Release document.
17573 Need ability to change item tax area during sale Code changed to have the ability to change tax codes on item level during a sales receipt.
18799 Email receipt should use embedded HTML not an attachments An e-mailed receipt now includes the transaction content in the e-mail body instead of as a PDF attachment.
This new format is also extended to other Prism documents that can be e-mailed.
This feature was requested externally in issues #16393, 17422
19122 Cannot specify number of decimal places for price, cost and tax

'No of Decimals' preferences has been added in Admin Console->Node Selection->Language and Locale. Allow user to add values for decimal place for Tax, Price, cost number, currency.

Lot Numbers    
19233 Lot numbers are not replicating Lot numbers are now replicating correctly.
18846 Installer > MySQL does not verify the login When incorrect password is entered user gets message indicating password is incorrect and the installer doesn't start installing until password is correct.
18425 Prism server failed to install on MySQL with root password contains ampersand Code changed to handle special characters in MySQL root password during Prism server install.
18709 Special Orders capability needs to be added to POS functionality, and other areas. Special orders have been added to Prism. See the What's New document for information.
17241 True OH Qty seems to be doubled when a layaway is created True OH Qty is updated correctly when a customer order or layaway order is created.
POS - General    
18956 Retail Pro locks up when referencing an inactive customer on a return receipt Added code to handle an inactive customer on Returns screen.
18873 With base currency and tender rounding to 0.05, some receipts cannot be update due to left over amount when tendered by foreign currency Maximum "round to" value among available tenders is taken into account now.
18382 Receiving an error when backspacing out entry in item lookup No error on scanning after back spacing for item lookup on POS.
No error on adding Item in Touch POS after back spacing for item lookup.

In a new transaction attribute field isn't populated with data

In a new transaction, the attribute field is now correctly populated with data.
19027 Receipts: Attempting to reference a return receipt with a formerly active item causes Prism to hang with no errors Prism doesn't hang anymore when attempting to reference a return receipt with a formerly active item.
18990 Return item/document transaction filter returns no results Added code to handle Item SID correctly.
POS - Customers    
18784 Receipt: Creating a new customer while on the "Ship to Customer" tab abandons the receipt. The user gets Save option on ship to customer tab and it adds the customer as shipping customer.
POS - Items    

Tax calculation results in an inconsistent total (represented as a fractional global discount) on documents replicated to V9/RIL from Prism


Tax calculations now show a consistent total.
18864 POS Documents - Allows user to list discontinued items without any warning that the item is now discontinued POS Documents now gives the warning message to user to list discontinued items.
18524 In a sales document going to item details and setting 'Doc Qty' to 0 causes an error and the item is removed from the document Code change to prevent error when doc qty is zero in sales document.
POS - Tenders    
18873 With base currency and tender rounding to 0.05, some receipts cannot be update due to left over amount when tendered by foreign currency Maximum "round to" value among available tenders is taken into account now
17840 Ability to set default copies printer preferences Added 'Default Copies' to admin console print preferences configuration for dialog.
16590 Printer type settings once selected cannot go to blank again Code was changed to allow the default print setting to be set back no printer.
12642 Report groups needed Users can now create report groups.
19458 Perm: Print Updated stops retailers from selecting Print Update on NEW documents  
18879 CR > Allow further discounts to "PL Price" discount type in Promotions Code change to add Additional Discount Type and Additional Discount Value.
18947 Editing an active promotion with two or more inactive and incomplete promotions leads to editing the inactive promotion and may also generate misleading warning "Required fields are missing" The Promotion that is selected to be edited gets edited even if there are inactive and incomplete promos available.
18849 After clicking on Broadcast in Promotions, the progress bar will not end Fixed indefinite progress bar caused due to incorrect checking of broadcast response length.
18946 promotion broadcast fails when inactive incomplete promotion is present Code change to ignored uncompleted promotion when broadcasting promotions.
19093 Promotions > Need new setting which can prevent price increases

The "Allow Price Increase" setting is now available on promotions on the Activation Details screen. When enabled, the promotion can apply to an item regardless if it increases the current receipt price (same as previous behavior). When disabled (default), the promotion will not apply to any items if it increases the current receipt price from the current value.

18968 When creating a voucher from an ASN, slip, transfer order, etc. the PO number should not be required
All other time it should based on the preference
When creating a voucher from an ASN, slip or transfer order, the PO number is no longer required, except when the preference is enabled.
19097 Block the creation of new Receipts in RIL Code was changed to remove the ability to create receipts in RIL. Receipts should only be created in Prism.
18920 RIL Conversion tool The RIL Conversion tool (RILConv.exe) prepares a Retail Pro 9 system for upgrade to RIL. The tool cleans up your Retail Pro 9 files, folders and registry keys and performs other tasks that enable you to install RIL. After running the RILConv.exe tool, install RIL as part of the Prism install for (or above).
18840 POS Customer detax not applied to transaction TAXES_GENERAL_MULTI_TAX_VAT is now properly set to true when set to VAT multi tax.

Enhancement Request -  The client is asking to have a way to avoid the cashier to CHANGE RECEIPT TAX AREA

A new permission that will block the changing of a "Receipt Tax Area" has been added.
17305 Enhancement Request - Request to add address1-6 fields in transfer slip The following fields have been added in Doc Designer for transfer slips. Orig Store Address 6, Out Store Address 6 (1-5 were already there) and In Store Address 1-6.
19070 Users cannot update slips unless they have store assignment to destinations *(target store)  location Code change to allow user to complete transfer slips when to store is not assigned to that user.
18931 Transfer slip item lookup stops working after scanning a new item while checking OH Availability Server-side code changes so the item lookup doesn't stop working after items are unsuccessfully added to a slip.
18933 Error when trying to reuse a voucher invoice number from a discarded voucher Changed code to allow searching created vendor invoice from discarded voucher
- Added functions searching invoice by search button, "Enter" and "Tab" in the vendor invoice form
18876 Updated voucher missing Edit button

Code changed to have the ability edit updated voucher.


18232 Add Drawer count feature to Structured Z-Outs to enable midday counts The Z-Out Audit feature has been added to enable users to run Z-Out reports in structured mode but without reconciliation. See the What's New document for information.
17114 Prism iOS-  X-out Portrait orientation cannot scroll down Code was changed to properly allow scrolling on print preview.
16055 The Total Qty of Items Sold is missing from the X-Out Doc Design New fields have been added to the Xout design that include total Items sold, total items returned, total items voided.
19294 Z-Out close is generating an invalid value in the Over/Short calculation in some circumstances Changed formatting procedure so Z-Out reports print correctly.