Updated: October 13, 2021 10:11am

Multi-Store Transfer Orders

Prism can allocate the merchandise on a single purchase order among their various stores, greatly simplifying the ordering process. When you make a multi-store TO, you can then generate transfer slips from the TO to record the transfer out of each store's share of the merchandise. When the merchandise arrives at individual stores, vouchers can be generated from the TO to add the merchandise to Inventory.

New Multi-Store Transfer Order

  1. Select Store Operations from the Prism Menu. Click the Transfers button.    
  2. Click New Transfer Order.
  3. List the items being ordered.    
  4. Allocate the items to individual stores. If using an allocation pattern, click the Apply Allocation Pattern check mark and select a pattern.    
  5. Save the TO    

Allocate TO Items to Stores
You can allocate items manually by entering an Order Qty for each store, or you can use an allocation pattern to automatically distribute the ordered quantity. When allocating merchandise manually, enter the item quantities for individual stores in the grid below the item list.  The individual store quantities for each item are then added together to produce the total quantity ordered for the item. 

  1. List the items being ordered.    
  2. Select an item in the item list.    
  3. Click the Show Allocations button.    
  4. A grid is displayed below the item grid. Enter individual order quantities for each item at each store in the Order Qty column.   
  5. Repeat the process for each item on the TO.    
  6. Click the Save button.    

multi-store transfer order allocation

Showing/Hiding Allocations
The Show Allocation button is a toggle that shows/hides the item allocation grid. You can search the grid for a particular store's allocation. This is especially useful when there are a large number of stores. Simply type in the Store Name or Store Number. The list is filtered automatically as you type or delete characters. This enables you to easily view the allocations for any store. Alternatively, you can use the Up and Down arrow buttons to scroll up and down the list of store allocations.

Generating Slips from the Transfer Order

  1. Use Transfer Order Lookup to find and display the TO.    
  2. Click the Options button.    
  3. Select Generate Transfer Slip.    
  4. Click the Marked For button.    
  5. A confirmation is displayed.     


Printing Multi-Store Transfer Orders
When printing a multi-store TO, the user has two options:

  • Print a single TO that shows the store allocations for each item
  • Print a separate TO for each store that has allocations. The quantity for each item on a given document will represent the allocation for that document's store

In the displayed print dialog, select a Print design and Printer. Click the Print or Print/Email button.