Updated: October 1, 2020 2:51pm

Employee Max Disc %

RP Prism enforces each user's Max Employee Discount setting (as defined in the employee record). If a user tries to apply a manual discount that exceeds the Max Discount %, the discount is automatically reset to the user's Max Discount % (no dialog is displayed).

The discount is modified when either of the following conditions is met:

  • Total item discount exceeds employee max disc %
  • Total transaction discount (item + transaction) exceeds employee max disc %

The discount amount or percentage is automatically reset. No dialog is displayed. Note: Automatic discounts (price level, customer disc %, promotions, etc.) are not affected.

Employee Max Disc %
Define the Employee Max Disc % in the employee record of individual employees. When a user adds a new employee, by default the Max Disc % is set to 100.00 (discounts up to 100 percent are allowed).
Employee details with Max Disc % field

Enable Employee Maximum Discount Override
In the Prism Admin Console Node Preferences > Transactions > Discounts is a preference called "Enable Employee Maximum Discount Override". If selected, Prism will display an override prompt before reducing the discount.

Employee Max Discount Prompt

If not selected, the discount will be overridden automatically and a red toast message informs the user of the action.
Employee max disc reduced