Updated: September 25, 2020 1:15pm

Tag Printing

This topic explains how to print price tags. You can print tags from inventory or from the POS screen. You can customize tag designs using Document Designer.
Print tags from inventory

  1. Select the Retail Pro button in the lower-right corner.     
  2. Click the Store Operations button.     
  3. Click the Merchandise button.    
  4. Click the Inventory button.     
  5. Enter search criteria for the desired item(s) and click the Search button.    
  6. Select the check mark for each item for which tags will be printed.    
  7. Click the Print Tags button.     
  8. Select a print design and printer.   
  9. Select the number of tags to be printed.  Note: You can use the Quantity Multiplier buttons to increase the number of tags to print for the selected item(s).    
  10. Click the Print button.     

Print Tags:

Print tags dialog

Print Tags from POS

  1. Highlight the item in the item list and click the Options button.
  2. Click Print Tags. In the Print Tags modal, select a print design, number of tags to print and then click Print.

options button menu