Updated: October 23, 2020 12:49pm

Working with Vendor Invoices

One of the primary causes of inventory valuation problems is a mismatch between the quantities and costs entered on the receiving voucher and the numbers entered on the final invoice sent by the vendor. Minor variations in the items, quantities can add up over time. Using Prism's Vendor Invoice feature, users can ensure that the amounts on the vendor invoice match the voucher totals, whether the invoice is for a single voucher or multiple vouchers.

Vendor Invoices - Basic Steps

  1. Enable the vendor invoices feature in Admin Console > Node Preferences > Purchasing > Vouchers.
  2. Assign security permissions for vendor invoices and set other receiving options as needed.
  3. Enter vendor invoice information on individual vouchers, or create a new vendor invoice and assign vouchers to the invoice.

Vendor Invoice Permissions
You can control employee access to vendor invoice features using the following permissions:

Permission Description
Vendor Invoice - Access Allow group members to access the vendor invoice area and view existing vendor invoices.
Vendor Invoice - Approve Allow group members to mark a vendor invoice as approved.
Vendor Invoice - Create Allow group members to create a new vendor invoice (using the New or Copy button).
Vendor Invoice - Delete  Allows group members to delete a vendor invoice.
Vendor Invoice - Edit Allows group members to edit a vendor invoice.

New Vendor Invoice
Select the Vendor tab on the voucher to enter Vendor Invoice information for the voucher.
Select Store Operations from the RP Prism menu.
Click Receiving. Click Vendor Invoice.
Vendor invoice button on merchandise menu
Click the New button. A new vendor invoice form is displayed.
Enter invoice information and save the changes.    

New vendor invoice

The invoice is now listed.



Field Description
Invoice Number The number assigned to the invoice. (Based on the numbering sequence defined in the Subsidiary or Store record.)
Invoice Date The date the vendor invoice was created/saved.
Invoice Amount The total amount of the vendor invoice. To maintain correct inventory valuations, the voucher(s) assigned to an invoice should match the Invoice Amount.
Purchase Order Number The number of the PO on which the shipment was ordered.
Payee  The vendor to whom payment is due.
Employee The employee who created the vendor invoice.

Assign a Voucher to a Vendor Invoice
Assigning a voucher to a vendor invoice creates a link that enables you to track which shipments of received merchandise have been paid for and which haven't.  You can search for a specific vendor invoice when assigning Vouchers to Vendor Invoices.

In the Vendor Invoice area, select a Vendor Invoice in the top pane.
Click the Show button to show available vouchers. Select a voucher in the bottom pane. In the example below, invoice 0001 is matched with Voucher No 1.
Vouchers and vendor invoices
Click the Assign button. The vendor invoice information is automatically copied to the voucher.    

Voucher assigned to vendor invoice

Show All, Assigned, or Unassigned

Click the Show button to display all vouchers, only assigned vouchers, or only unassigned vouchers.
Unassign a Vendor Invoice

To unassign a voucher, select the vendor invoice and voucher in their respective panes and click the Unassign button.

Entering Vendor Invoice Information on Voucher

You can enter vendor invoice information via the Voucher Details area of the receiving voucher.
Note: When you assign a voucher to a vendor invoice, the vendor invoice info is copied to the Voucher Details area of the voucher.

  1. On a voucher in progress, click the Voucher Details button.     
  2. Click the Vendor tab.    
  3. In the Vendor Invoice area, click the New button.    
  4. Enter invoice information in the displayed dialog.   
  5. Click the Save button.     

Editing Payee Code

The Payee Code in the Vendor Account section is only editable when no Vendor Invoice is assigned. When a Vendor Invoice is assigned (or edited after assignment), the Payee Code should be updated to match. To edit the Payee Code on a Voucher after Vendor Invoice assignment, users must make the change on the Vendor Invoice or unassign the Vendor Invoice.

Sample Vendor Invoice
Vendor Invoice