Updated: October 18, 2019 11:42am

New Promotion

This section provides basic steps for creating a new promotion. For additional details, see the sections that follow. You should create promotions at HQ and broadcast to the stores that will use them.

  1. Enable promotions at HQ and Stores and define promotion preferences in Admin Console > Transactions > Promotions.
  2. From the main POS screen, tap or click the Promotions button.
  3. Click the New button. By default, the General Details tab is selected. Enter a Name, Description, Reason (max six characters) and select a Promotion Type. You can optionally enter a group identifier. (See the General Details section for information.)
  4. Enter Activation Details. (See the Activation Details section for information.)
  5. Enter Validation Rules. (See the Validation Rules section for information.)
  6. Enter Reward Rules. (Reward Rules will vary depending on the Promotion Type selected in General Details. See the Reward Rules section for information.)
  7. Save the Promotion.
  8. When finished creating promotions, broadcast the promotions to Stores.    

Best Practices

Please refer to the following section for information about the Best Practices to follow when creating Promotions.

  • Configure the subscriber records in Data Replication > Prism Publisher correctly at both the HQ and stores (See the Broadcast Promotions section of the document)
  • Review the documentation and make sure you understand how to configure promotions, including Promotion Groups, and Can be combined with other promotions flag
  • Plan the promotions you will create, including the time frame the promotion will be active, the Stores where promotions will be used and the unique Reason Codes that will be used
  • Use the defined promotion types; not the "Custom" type

Entering Price with Tax for VAT Countries
The user interface includes a Price field for entering promotion prices. Users in VAT environments can enter a PWT (Price with Tax) in the Price field. The Promotions Plugin recognizes the type of tax environment being used - Sales Tax or VAT and will apply the value entered in the Price field correctly.

Viewing Promotion Details in Side Panel
A side panel displays information about the current promotion. As you type details for the promotion, the side panel updates automatically. This side panel enables you to easily see information about the promotion without having to navigate from one tap to another.

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