Updated: August 10, 2021 8:46am

Transaction Promotions

A Transaction Promotion applies the specified discount amount or percentage to the transaction subtotal when the validation rules are met. When creating a Transaction Promotion, you can define a single discount or a tiered discount.
Validation Rules
When setting up a Transaction promotion, a variety of validation options are available.

Option Description
Sale Items Click the Item Filter button to define filter criteria. If a matching item is listed on the receipt, the rule is validated.
Item Quantity Enter the quantity that is required to validate the rule.
Item Subtotal Click the Item Subtotal checkbox and enter an item subtotal. If the item subtotal meets or exceeds the entered value, the rule is validated.
Sale Subtotal Click the Sale Subtotal checkbox and enter a subtotal amount. If the subtotal meets or exceeds the entered value, the rule is validated.
Coupon Click the Coupon checkbox to define a list of coupon codes. If a customer presents one of the coupon codes at POS, the rule is validated.
Customer Click the Customer checkbox to define a customer filter. If a Bill To customer that matches the entered criteria is entered on the transaction, the rule is validated.

Reward Rules
Enter the desired discount amount or percentage.  Alternatively, you can click the Tiered button and set up tiered discounts for different subtotals.

Transaction Promotion Examples
Example: 10% Transaction Discount

  1. Navigate to the Promotions area and click the New button.    
  2. Enter General Details. Select Transaction as the Promotion Type.    
  3. Enter Activation Details.  
    transaction promotion activation details  
  4. On the Validation Details tab, select the items to include in the promotion.
    transaction promotion validation details    
  5. On the Reward Details tab, enter the discount that will be applied when the selected items are entered. Click the Tiered button to set up tiered discounts for different subtotals.
    transaction promotion reward details   
  6. Save the changes and activate the promotion if not already activated.


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