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Tender Rounding

Tender rounding enables retailers to adjust tender amounts up or down so that the tender amount meets certain requirements. A common use of tender rounding is in locales such as Australia in which pennies are not used.  To use tender rounding, first enable the option in Preferences & Settings > Transactions > Tenders > Requirements.


enable tender rounding

After enabling the option, you will see options for selecting a rounding method and rounding multiple.

Tender rounding option

Rounding Options
You can select to round normally, up, or down.

Method Description
Normal   (Default) Round to the nearest multiple. Example: .47 rounds to .50, .27 rounds to .25.
Up Round up to the next higher multiple. Example: Both .47 and .27 rounds to .50.
Down Round down to the previous lower multiple. Example: Both .47 and .27 round to .25.

Rounding Multiple
Select the desired rounding multiple. A variety of multiples ranging from 0.01 to 500.00 are available.

Apply Rounding for Individual Tenders
Select the  Apply Rounding check box for each tender that you want rounded. This check box is only displayed when you select a rounding option. When a rounding option is selected, the Apply Rounding check box is selected for all tenders. Clear the check box for individual tenders as needed.

Max Over Tender Setting is Enforced on Rounding
The Max Over Tender setting in tender requirements is also enforced on tender rounding. This can cause a problem if you have the Max Over Tender set to 0.00 and tender rounding set to UP. If Max Over Tender is set to 0.00 tender rounding is set to UP and rounding is applied to the tender, make sure that an appropriate Max Over Tender setting is also defined.

Tender Rounding Example

In our example, tender rounding is set to round up, to the 0.50 level. This means that any amounts such as .01, .10, or .29 will be rounded up to .50. Our example item has a base price of 15.50. When the 10% sales tax ($1.55) is added, the transaction total is $17.05.
tender round transaction

However, because tender rounding is being used, when the user clicks Tender Transaction, the Take Cash prompt reads $17.50.
tender round take

On the Tender screen, you can see the Round Amount at the bottom of the screen.
tender rounding tender screen

View Tender Rounding Amounts on X/Z-Out Reports
You can also view tender rounding amounts is on the X/Z-Out report
Tender round xz out report


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