Updated: June 11, 2021 7:29am

Gift Cards

Gift cards are cards that have a certain value associated with them that can be used to purchase goods and services in your company's stores. The cards can come with a predefined valued (pre-paid) or be assigned a value when the card is sold (stored value).  Stored value cards can be "recharged" with additional value. When a customer uses a gift card to buy something (redeeming), the cashier/associate swipes the card just like a credit card; the system reads the information and enters it on the receipt.
Note: This topic deals with standard gift cards. Prism users can also use central gift cards, which will check each gift card transaction against a centrals database to help prevent gift card fraud.

Gift Card Activation dialog
gift card activation dialog

Redeem a Gift Card

  1. Select Gift Card as the Tender Type.     
  2. The Take Gift Card dialog is displayed. Touch or click the Take button.    
  3. A dialog asks if you want to use the "customer facing reader" This refers to the Genius CED device. Touch or click the Yes button to use the CED (or click No to use the encrypted card reader).    
  4. A second dialog is displayed (this one for the CED). Swipe the card through the CED.    
  5. Touch or click the Print/Update button.     

Add Value to an Existing Gift Card

  1. Select Gift Card as the tender type.    
  2. Enter the amount being added and then click Add Value.    
  3. A prompt to swipe the card is displayed. Swipe the card through the encrypted reader.    
  4. Take payment and then print/update.    

Check the Remaining Balance on a Gift Card
1.    Select Gift Card as the tender type.    
2.    Press or click the Balance button.    
3.    A prompt to swipe the card is displayed. Swipe the card through the encrypted reader. The balance is displayed is displayed. Click Done.    

Giving Change on Gift Card Transactions
Typically the amount deducted from the gift card (Take Amount) is the Total on the transaction. If the Take Amount exceeds the Total and change is due, the change amount will be displayed. Select Give and then select Print Update and return the change amount to the customer.

Gift Cards when using EFT (Cayan Genius or B+S Card Service)
Gift Cards are one of the EFT Tenders that can be used with the Cayan Genius and B+S Card Service EFT solutions. Keep in mind that an encrypted card reader is required if you are using Cayan Genius.Do Not Cancel Transaction after Card Swipe
If you cancel a transaction after swiping the gift card, the transaction will be canceled in Retail Pro but not Cayan. As soon as the card is swiped, the transaction is sent to Cayan (and typically approved). If the customer changes his/her mind about using a gift card AFTER the card has been swiped, then you must perform an item return first and then create a new transaction using the desired tender.

Encrypted card reader required for selling, adding value to, or checking balance
To accept payment by gift card, you must set up an account with an EFT processor (Cayan in North America; B+S or Adyen in Europe) and install the necessary hardware.  In the case of Cayan, retailers will have a separate device called a Genius device. It is important to know that in addition to the hardware device, a separate encrypted card reader is required for selling (activating), adding value to, or checking the balance of gift cards.The redeeming of gift cards (taking gift cards as payment) can be performed using the Genius CED. Currently, Retail Pro Prism's integration with Cayan in North America requires the use of the iDynamo MSR for integrated EFT within the iOS tablet environment. In the Windows tablet environment, MagTek and ID Tech MSRs can be used, provided they have been injected for use by the EFT solution provider.

Using Non-Cayan-Issued Gift Cards with Genius Device
For gift cards not issued by Merchantware/Cayan, when the CED/Genius is used, and a Gift Card Redemption Transaction is sent to the CED, the user MUST press the Gift button before the card is swiped. If this button is not pressed before the gift card is swiped, the user will see a 'Declined;1012' (or similar) error message. For Gift Cards issued by Merchantware/Cayan, the user does NOT need to press the Gift button on the CED/Genius Device. Note: If you are using the Infinea TabM with an iOS device, you CANNOT run gift cards through the device. The Infinea TabM can only be used with credit cards.