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Promotions - Gift Item

The Gift Item promotion type uses a special "gift voucher tender" that is handled by a custom plugin. The gift voucher tender and the custom plugin will set the gift item's discount % to 100, making it a free item. This is especially useful for things like vendor-supported gift vouchers. When the gift item promotion is validated, the reward item specified by the promotion is added to the transaction; if the promotion is subsequently invalidated, the reward item is removed.
Uses Cases

  • Free item as reward: A retailer runs a promotion. When the promotion is validated, the customer receives a free item as a reward.  The gift item is added to the transaction and discounted to a price of 0.00.

Gift Item Promotion Notes

  • Inventory items have a "Enforce Original Price with Tax" flag. When the "Enforce Original Price with Tax" flag is selected and the item is awarded as a free item by a gift item promotion, the tax is still applied.
  • Items added as a gift reward skip availability checking and related preferences.
  • Gift Rewards cannot be manually removed, or edited.
  • Regular merchandise items and Kit items can be given as Gift Rewards
  • Serial Number, Lot number and Package items cannot be given as Gift Rewards.
  • A reward is issued for a single quantity and will always be a 100% discount. If repeatedly rewarded, it can, in fact, be issued multiple times, but always as a single quantity.

Validation Rules
The following options are available for validating Gift Item promotions:

Option Description
Sale Items Click the Item Filter button to define filter criteria. If a matching item is listed on the receipt, the rule is validated.
Item Quantity Enter the quantity that is required to validate the rule.
Item Subtotal Click the Item Subtotal checkbox and enter an item subtotal. If the item subtotal meets or exceeds the entered value, the rule is validated
Sale Subtotal Click the Sale Subtotal checkbox and enter a subtotal amount. If the subtotal meets or exceeds the entered value, the rule is validated
Coupon Click the Coupon checkbox to define a list of coupon codes. If a customer presents one of the coupon codes at POS, the rule is validated
Customer Click the Customer checkbox to define a customer filter. If a Bill To customer that matches the entered criteria is entered on the transaction, the rule is validated.

Sample Validation Rules for Gift Reward promotion:
Validation Rules for Gift Item Promotion

Reward Rules
When defining Reward Rules for a Gift Item promotion, select the item(s) to be rewarded to the customer (for free) when the promotion is validated. You can look up the item(s) by Description 1, UPC or ALU. When the matching item is found, its details are displayed in the table on the right side of the screen.
Sample Reward Rules for Gift Item promotion:
Reward Rules for Gift Item Promotion



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