Updated: December 27, 2021 2:13pm

ZIP Code Lookup

This release includes ZIP Code lookup feature. When enabled, a user can type in a ZIP Code for a customer or vendor address and Prism will fill in the corresponding City and State information. When enabling the feature, you specify which address fields should be populated with the City and State information (e.g. Address 3).
Using ZIP Code lookup has several benefits:

  • Ensures addresses have correct address information. It is easier for a user to correctly enter a five-digit ZIP Code than to correctly enter the entire city-state-ZIP.
  • Ensures state information in a consistent format. For example, ensures that California is always entered using the standard two-letter abbreviation of CA (instead of California, Calif., CAL or other variations.
  • Saves data entry time.

Basic Steps
1.    Enable the ZIP Code lookup in preferences.
2.    Use the Data Utilities feature in Tech Toolkit to populate the database with ZIP Code data.
3.    When entering a customer or vendor address, you must enter complete postal codes 5 digits for US and 7 digits for Canada including the space.
Enable ZIP Code Lookup in Preferences
Navigate to Admin Console > Node Preferences > System > General.
Click the Enable Postal Code Lookup checkbox.
In the City drop-down, select the Address field to which you want the City information to be written.
In the State drop-down, select the Address field into which you want the State information to be written.
In the State Format drop-down, select how to handle the State information: Full or Abbreviated.
Save the changes.

Sample System > General preferences:
system - general preferences

Populate the database with ZIP Code data
Warning: The process of populating the database with ZIP Code data takes one to two hours. Plan accordingly.
Before you can run the Data Utilities tool to populate the database with ZIP Code data, you need a database connection (not a REST connection). Add a new connection or edit an existing connection so that the Type field is set to "Database."

  1.  Launch the Prism Technician's Toolkit and log in.
  2. Select Data Utilities > Zip Code Inject from the top menu.
  3. Click Execute Zip Code Injection. There is a timing warning and another confirmation. Click Execute Zip Code Injection. The process will take between 1 and 2 hours.
    data utilities execute button

ZIP Code Lookup at POS
Start a new customer (or vendor) record or edit an existing record.
Add a new address or edit an existing address.
In the ZIP Code field, enter a complete five-digit ZIP Code for the U.S. or seven-digit code for Canada. Navigate out of the Postal Code field. The City and State information is automatically entered in the field(s) specified in preferences.
Multiple matches during lookup
In some cases,  a single ZIP Code will match multiple locales. If that happens, a list of the matching results is displayed so the user can select the desired locale to use to populate the City and State info.
Overwriting ZIP Code Lookup with Manual Entry
During address creation/edit, if the entered ZIP Code matches a specific City and State and then the user edits the City/State values to differ from the automatically populated values, the manually entered values take precedent.