Updated: August 18, 2020 7:30am

Global Preferences - Corporate Regions - General

This area of preferences is used with the Regional Inventory feature. When using regional inventory, you add a (Corporate) region and select which subsidiary will be the Master Subsidiary for the Corporate region.
Navigate to Admin Console > Global Preferences > General.
Click the Plus icon.
Corporate Region - General preferences

Enter a name for the Region and select the Master Subsidiary. Click Save. new corporate region
The region is added to the list. Corporate region list
About the Corporate Region

  • The Corporate Region is a collection of subsidiaries, where one of the members is designated as 'Master' to control inventory propagation.
  • Each Corporate Region will have a single master subsidiary.
  • Master subsidiaries may not be defined as child subsidiaries within a region.
  • Master subsidiaries may be members of multiple corporate regions.
  • Corporate Regions may have child member subsidiaries.
  • Child subsidiaries may be members of multiple corporate regions.
  • Existing regions migrated from RP9 will be supported.
  • If Region and District labels match, the displayed label will be per 'Region'
  • If Region and District labels differ, the displayed label will show both 'Region' and 'District' labels.

Designate a Subsidiary as the Master Subsidiary
Go to the Admin Console. Click Node Preferences > Node Selection.
Locate the desired Subsidiary (e.g. by typing the name of the Subsidiary in the Search field).
Click the pencil icon.
In the Subsidiary record, click the Master Subsidiary checkbox.
Edit subsidiary with Master Sub checkbox selected
A Master Subsidiary can be a member of more than one region; however, any sub that has been designates as a Master Subsidiary cannot also be designated as a child Subsidiary in a different region. Child subsidiaries cannot be assigned to a region that has no master subsidiary. Child subsidiaries may be members of multiple corporate regions.