Retail Pro Planning

Improve inventory performance with Retail Pro Planning's sales forecasting, inventory planning, and Open to Buy tools and consulting from Management One.

Sales Forecast

Converge all your data to help you build a reliable sales forecast

  • Historical sales data
  • Your trends + industry trends
  • By class - By Month - By Location
  • High level of accuracy

Inventory Plan

Learn to recognize profit potential with detailed inventory & purchasing plans

  • Peak inventory at season high
  • Reduce inventory by season end
  • Receive fresh inventory monthly
  • Watch Key Performance Indicators

Open to Buy

Leverage total inventory visibility to be more intentional with inventory purchases and reduce risk

  • How much to purchase
  • When to purchase


Retailers using Retail Pro Planning have experienced significant business results, frequently including:

  • Sales increase of 18%
  • Turn improvement of 16.30% after year 1, 68.10% after year 2
  • GMROI improvement 25.83% after year 1, 83.12% after year 2
  • Substantive ROI increase, frequently ranging from 5 to 12.9 dollars for every dollar spent

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