Translat.exe Error When Using Language Manager with RIL in Retail Pro Prism

When using Language Manager in RIL, you can run into an error that occurs when Translat.exe cannot locate the Retail Pro RIL MLD files in order to translate them.

This usually occurs because there are no "Translat" folder or MLD files installed by the RIL setup program.

To resolve this, you must copy the necessary files and folder from a current 9.40 installation to your PrismMgnt folder using the instructions below:

1. Copy the Translat Folder from the RP9 machine to the RIL machine. Place it in the Prismmgmt folder.

2. In the Translat folder, rename Rpro9.mld to Prismmgmt.mld.

3. Open Translat.exe as an Admin.

4. Click File > Open Dictionary. From there select Prismmgmt.mld.

5. In the Settings drop down, select Full Access.

6. In View, select Application Label.

7. Once the above steps are completed, you will be able to make your desired changes in Translat.



For more information on how to use the Language Manager (Trnslat.exe), see the documentation on My Retail Pro.




Published on Apr 8, 2021 in Configuration & Settings, Errors


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