How to Set Up Retail Pro Prism Reports Emails to Work with Microsoft Exchange

When setting up Retail Pro Prism Reports (powered by Krunch) to use email notifications, you may encounter difficulty connecting with or sending messages through your local server. If this is the case, let's look at how Retail Pro Reports uses TTS natively and how to configure your Microsoft Exchange Server to handle Retail Pro Reports scheduled email tasks.


1: Configure Email Settings

Once Retail Pro Reports has been installed and reports have been created, you will need configure your email settings.

Browse to the Main Menu > Email Settings and select Configure Email Gateway. Enter the email server's details to include the server's address, port, email to be used when sending scheduled reports, and the password used to access the mailbox on Microsoft Exchange. Once complete, select Update.

Configure email gateway


2: Exchange Administration Portal Settings

Once Retail Pro Reports has been configured, launch the Exchange Administration Portal.

From the EAC main page, go to Mail Flow > Receive Connectors, and then click Add. When prompted, create a name for the new receive connector, select Enable and adjust the values below to represent those used by default in your email environment.

Exchange Receive Connector


3: Security Settings

Next, configure the Security tab by selecting Security from the left.

From the Security tab, ensure that Transport Layer Security (TLS) has been enabled. The remaining settings should mirror those of your normal email connector or match those of your desired authentication/security preferences.

Security settings


4: Scope Settings

Next, configure the scope of the connector by selecting Scoping from the left.

From the Scoping tab, add the IP address and configure the Remote Network Settings to match those of your desired security, vlan, internal network and / or 365 cloud settings. Proceed to the Network adapter bindings.

These addresses and ports should match those of your normal email services, or at least match those of the Retail Pro Prism port requirements.

Scoping settings


5: Create Exchange Mailbox

Once these settings have been configured, select Save. You may then proceed to create the Retail Pro Reports-user Mailbox within Exchange, or if you have simple mail forwarding enabled, you may begin sending Retail Pro Reports immediately following this configuration becoming active within the email service.

To recap, Retail Pro Prism does not natively use TLS when sending its own reports and email services. With the Addition of Retail Pro Reports, you will need to configure your email services to handle TLS messages in order to successfully send these scheduled reports using the Retail Pro Reports application.


Published on Aug 23, 2021 in Reporting, Configuration & Settings


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