Windows Event Viewer configuration for 11g installations of Retail Pro

Affected systems will experience one or all of the following if the Windows Application Event Viewer Log is not configured correctly for Oracle 11g.

-?Shared memory realm does not exist" attempting to access the V9 installation of Oracle.
- Unable to start RPROODS fully.
-"AUD: OS Error = 1717 encountered while writing audit record" Message appears in the Alert_RPROODS.log .

Problem Definition:
This issue revolves around Oracle?s requirement to write certain activities to the Operating Systems event logs. When the Windows Application Event Log is full Oracle is unable to do this and in cases where you are starting the database this condition will prevent Oracle from initializing its shared memory realm properly. This results in an inability of users to connect the database and perform normal Retail Pro functions.

To avoid this issue ensure that the Windows Application Event Viewer log is set to ?Overwrite records as needed? under the ?When maximum log size is reached? option in computer management. Shown below are the steps and appropriate screen shots to perform this change. They apply to most versions of Windows but may vary slightly depending on your version.

1> run>compmgmt.msc
2> under system tools>event viewer right click on the system/application log
3> go to properties> general
4> Make sure that the "when maximum log size is reached" is set to "overwrite events as needed"
5> Click ?Apply? or ?Okay? and exit.
6> Reboot
(This step (6) is only necessary if you are effecting these changes in response to a system that is already down. If you are configuring the system proactively to avoid the problem a reboot is not necessary.)

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Database


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