New items are not shown when using Quick Filter or Filtered View

When creating new items in the RetailPro application, these new items are not able to be seen when using the Quick Filter or Filtered View options. 

The reason for this, is because of DevTrack # 23026.  A new materialized view was introduced to filter UPC and ALU and is stored in this view only.  All new items get created and are added to this materialized view via a DBA_JOBS function that runs daily at 6AM (RetailPro installation local time). This job will only execute if the sytem is running. 

The changes that were applied uses the materialized view for searching of UPC's and ALU's.  New items are not added to the MV until the job has been executed.

A Devtrack issue has been logged for this to make all new items immediately added to the MV upon creation. 

This new feature will be available in our latest GA code slated for 4th quarter 2010.  This is currently labeled Retail Pro Version 9.20 R4. 

If an upgrade to this version is not possible for your customer we have created a script that will execute this DBA_JOB to add newly created items to the MV. 

This script and execution notes can be found attached to this KB article.

This issue was first experienced using Version 9.20.503.90. 

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Store Operations, Receipts


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