Retail ProV8 compatibility with the HP ap5000 VFD

Not able to claim or detect the ap5000 OPOS VFD pole display when using version 8
The system is setup so that when you install Version 8 it will use the default OPOSLineDisplay.ocx file.
We have found that the OPOSLineDisplay.ocx file that is included in any image or update for version 8 will not work with this display.
Work Around Solution:
The best solution for this issue is to use the copy of the OCX file from a V9 series MP.
1. Copy the OPOSLineDisplay.ocx from the latest V9 image (or MP update).
2. Place the file into the [drive]:\Retail\Rpro\Design\ directory

The next time you launch Retail Pro you will be able to configure and use the device with out error.

Published on Mar 14, 2014 in Hardware & Devices, Configuration & Settings


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