Recommended Retail Pro 9 Transfer Setup

Intra- and Inter-Company Transfers

Intra-Company Transfers are Transfers between Stores within the same Subsidiary (One V9 ?Main? with multiple V9 Store installations).

Inter-Company Transfers are Transfers between Stores in different Subsidiaries. (One V9 ?Main? linking multiple Subsidiaries together)

This document will describe the recommended settings in System Preferences and ECM at both V9 Store-level and V9 ?Main? level for both Intra- and Inter company transfers. With V9 ?Main?, we mean the highest V9 installation in the hierarchy, sometimes also called ?HQ? or ?HO?.

Deviating from this setup could potentially cause issues with e.g. unresolved documents at Store or ?Main? level.

The recommendation is that all Transfer Verification (when used) is done at the ?Main? location.


Section 1: System Preferences

For each Retail Pro 9 installation, the following settings are available with regards to the creation of transfer documents following the creation or Processing in of a Transfer Slip. The values of these settings are critical to ensure that the document flow for transfers proceeds correctly:

None (= do not create any transfer documents)

ASN Voucher (= create an ASN voucher to be sent to the receiving store, where a receiving Voucher will be generated)

Auto Verify (= create a receiving voucher and automatically verify both the Transfer Slip and the receiving voucher.


A. Transfer Rules

Location: System Preferences > Global Preferences > Company > Transfer Rules

These settings affect both Intra- and Inter-company transfers, and define which Stores/Subsidiaries can transfer inventory to which other Store/Subsidiary. Make sure to define these Transfer Rules before initializing the Store installations.

B. Intra-Company Transfers

Intra-Company transfers deal with transfer of inventory from one Store to another within the same subsidiary via the ?Main? in that same Subsidiary.

NOTE: IF a specific Subsidiary is part of a Multi-Subsidiary setup, and might possibly be used for Inter-Company Transfers (now or in the future), it is safest to use Inter-Company settings instead (see section C).

The rules of thumb that you should adhere to with regards to the Transfer settings in System Preferences when setting up your Store/Main installations for Intra-Company Transfers, are:

  1. The HQ level should not be set to NONE
  2. Source/Target stores should always have the same setting


C. Inter-Company Transfers

These documents will flow from a Store in Subsidiary ?X? to another Store in Subsidiary ?Y? via a ?Main? or ?HQ?/?HO? installation linking all Subsidiaries together.

The rules of thumb that you should adhere to with regards to the Transfer settings in System Preferences when setting up your Store/Main installations for Inter-Company Transfers, are:

1)Source/Target stores should not be set to create ASNs or Auto-Verify Vouchers as these docs will not go to other Subsidiaries)

2) The setting to create ASNs or Auto-Verify Vouchers should only be set at the ?Main?.


Section 2: ECM Settings

ECM at the ?Main?

The different ECM settings at the ?Main? with regards to Transfers are important, as they define what each Store will have for information/permissions with regards to either kind of transfer.

1)After you have defined the Transfer Rules at the Main, make sure that when you initialize the Store installations, in ECM > Profile Checklist > preferences, you have at least checked ?Transfer Rules?, ?Transfer Stores? and ?Transfer Definitions? besides other preferences you want to send over.

2)Verify that, after initialization, the settings in System Preferences > Local Preferences > Transfers > General are correct, according to the Transfer document creation scenario that you selected in Section 2

3)Verify that, after initialization, you have set the ?Stores? field in the Profile Checklist > Documents for each type of document to the same Store number as the ?Store/Station? entry for that Station (unless you want all documents for all Stores go to each Store).


ECM at the Store

At the Store, set all Document types in Profile Checklist > Documents to ?Differences?.


Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Best Practices, Configuration & Settings


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