ECM FTP Polling Configuration

Below are some of the areas that are most commonly misconfigured when setting up ECM FTP polling.
Please verify each area below is correct and you should not experience any issues when FTP polling with ECM.

Host name = IP address of the FTP server
Deliver and pick up = Directory structure of FTP
Login and password = FTP account credentials

In ECM form view add:

  • Port Number = Enter the port number used for the FTP site
  • FTP passive = Check for passive or uncheck if not passive

NOTE: In your deliver and pickup folders make sure to add a backslash to the beginning of the path

Example of incorrect path:
Deliver Files To: In\RCVD
Pick Up Files From: Out

Example of correct path:
Deliver Files To: \In\RCVD
Pick Up Files From: \Out

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in ECM, Installation


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