EFT Link Error when running Gift Card transactions with Mercury Payment Processing: "TOReversal Required"


When using EFT Link Gift Card payment processing with Mercury as your processor, you may see the following error in the Retail Pro tender screen (or in the RetailPro EFT or RP EFT Link log files):' Payment processor message: Disconnect before response: TOREVERSAL required'.

A TOReversal is issued (only with Gift, by the way) when RP EFT sends a transaction, and does not receive a response because the connection was broken before the response was received.

Because RP EFT cannot assume that the transaction went through, it automatically and immediately issues a TOReversal (Time-Out Reversal) for the previous transaction, basically saying "I don't know whether you got this, but reverse the following transaction". Sometimes, Mercury never received the transaction (in which case, the Monetra.log file might show ‘Transaction not found'), sometimes it did (in which case the transaction is reversed), but the end-result is always that the transaction never happened.

So, what the cashier would have to do, is to run the same transaction again. In some cases, we have seen these TOReversals happan again and again.

Open the Monetra Manager, and go to Processors ('Madmin' password required) -> Mercury Payment systems -> SSL -> ‘Wait Disconnect' and set this value to 5 or less.

This should address this error. This issue can occur in the RP EFT Link version 7.4.2 or below, and will be addressed in the next release of the EFT Link.

Published on Apr 18, 2014 in EFT & Payments


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