Common issues that may prevent batches from being read into the Accounting Link correctly

Common issues that may prevent batches from being read into the Accounting Link correctly

This article can be taken as a guideline to help troubleshoot in the event that you are encountering an issue where batches are not coming over to the Accounting Link from Rpro. Below are some scenarios that may pertain to your issue and a way to resolve them.

Typically, as a result of not successfully getting batches into the Accounting Link from Rpro, you would get an ?Invalid AR Transaction? error within the batch log. Below is an example.


  1. In some instances, corruption may arise within the Dictionary or Documents folder. You may have problems reading batches, but you may even encounter an error even attempting to log into Accounting Link. You would encounter ?Cannot connect to Database?. A way of figuring out which one, is by renaming either folder first one by one, then logging into the link to see if the error still exists. What this does is when logging back in; it recreates a clean directory, which may require having to reconfigure preferences. This step is basically to help determine if there is an issue with corruption.

It?s located at :\AcctLink_1\Data (for Retail Pro 9) and/or :\Retail\AcctLink\Data (for Retail Pro 8).

Once you rename one of these folders, you would need to reset the affected preferences in the Accounting Link Options. A good example of having to rename a folder due to a corrupt file, could as well be the vendor.dat file in the Dictionary folder. Typically, you would get a ?Vendor Code Not Found? error in the batch log. So after renaming and resetting preferences, make sure to initialize vendors. This could be caused by the fact that the vendor no longer exists in Rpro and the link was not updated with that information.

On the subject of file corruption, simply renaming the index files for vendors, vouchers, receipts and performing a full reconstruct on the associated files in Rpro can also resolve some corruption issues.

  1. In the event when attempting to read vouchers into the link, they may not come over. A main reason can be that there could be a configuration not set correctly. If the client doesn?t plan on using Purchase Clearing, they are required to complete the Payee invoice fields in the voucher completely in order for the link to be able to read the batch or they will not come over. However, if Purchase Clearing is checked in the link preferences, then it is not required to fill the Payee invoice fields, and the vouchers will be read into the link.


  1. Another instance where vouchers could not be read into the link had to do with the certain terms that were set up for vendors. Specifically, vouchers that were Prepaid or COD would not come over. COD, Replace, or Prepaid terms are excluded from being read to GL since they are never going to be read to AP. However, in the event that they must be read, there is a command line option ?-COD? (dash-C-O-D, all capital letters) to switch to the mode of processing these vouchers if needed.


  1. Most recently, there were a number of issues that clients were facing where balances were not coming over correctly into the link from Rpro. This had to do with a certain antivirus software interfering with the reading of batches. It was found that by actually uninstalling this software, the link was able to read batches correctly. Due to the fact that we only specialize with our own software, we are not able to make any special configurations or recommendations to the antivirus software. It would be up to the business partner to contact the company that supports the particular antivirus software to see if they are able to accommodate having that installed and working with our software.

Keep in mind, when troubleshooting batch issues it is ideal to read batches in smaller increments to help determine where the problem could reside within a date range.

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Accounting Link, Errors


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