A message of "RMT LOG NOT FOUND IN RESOURCE LIST" displayed during PROCESS IN\OUT functions

An issue can arise during normal Retail Pro 8 process in \ out polling sessions that is marked by the statement below.


This error can be shown in the command window during either a process in or process out session.

This error can be caused by one of the following incorrect configurations.

1.The UI.drv file can be present in both the Retail and Retail\Rpro level directories.
2.The UI.drv file can be missing from the Retail level directory.
3.The REMOTES.REZ file is either corrupt or missing from the Rpro directory.
4.The WS path is not correctly configured in the WS preferences section.
5.The environment variables can be improperly configured for this WS.

The fix to resolve the error should be simple.Given the list of symptoms above, the fix should be one of the following.

1.Check the Retail and Retail\Rpro level directories and remove any UI.drv files that are found on the Retail\Rpro level.
2.If either the REMOTES.REZ or the UI.drv files are missing you can copy them from any compatible install or from the image installation package.
3.Make any necessary changes to the WS preferences path statements as needed.
4.Make any necessary changes to the environment variables as needed.

If you have addressed the issue, you should no longer see the error during your process in or out sessions.

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Technical Bulletin, Polling


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