Working with non-Latin characters and customer shopping display

Pole displays will not always display the regional language settings depending on the language and where the device was purchased.
It is important that you purchase the display device from a local regional supplier to assure the proper code pages can be programmed within the device.
A pole display purchased in the USA may not be able to be programmed for Japanese translations etc.

The device may require a Firmware update. You should check the support site for your device and find the latest download and update the device.

Each device should have a setup utility and a test utility. This will allow you to claim the device and enter the desired code page on the device. Once this is done you can use the test utility to cycle through the displays and assure the special character desired is displayed correctly.

Once this is all done your device should now be ready for Retail Pro.

Code pages are defined by the local language that is needed to be displayed on the pole display.

Code page is another term for character encoding. It consists of a table of values that describes the character set for a particular language.
Some examples of code page;

IBM PC (OEM) code pages
720 ? Arabic
737 ? Greek
865 ? Danish/Norwegian

Code pages for DBCS character sets
?932 ? Supports Japanese
?936 ? GBK Supports Simplified Chinese
?949 ? Supports Korean
?950 ? Supports Traditional Chinese
Windows (ANSI) code pages
?1250 ? Central and East European Latin
?1251 ? Cyrillic
?1252 ? West European Latin
?1253 ? Greek
?1254 ? Turkish
?1255 ? Hebrew
?1256 ? Arabic
?1257 ? Baltic
?1258 ? Vietnamese
?874 ? Thai
Regional settings of the OS may require to be set to the selected language as well as the selection of the proper code page in the device settings and workstation preferences (V8 only).

For regional settings on the OS make sure you Select the correct format, additional settings, location and under administrative, the system locale.

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Hardware & Devices


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