Retail Pro 9 and Retail Pro Prism Ports Used

Retail Pro 9 and Retail Pro Prism Ports Used

Retail Pro Prism and Retail Pro 9 require specific ports to be open, or not blocked, for the software to function without any system communication issues. In most cases there is no need to be open these ports, but in some cases depending on the security software that is being used, these ports may need to be defined on a Firewall, Antivirus or Malware scanning software. Please use the following list of ports to help setup, configure, and troubleshoot issues you are having with Retail Pro 9 or Retail Pro Prism.

Retail Pro Prism Related ports

► Apache: 80 and 443

► RabbitMQ (Erl.exe): 4369, 5671, 5672, 15672, 15674, 15675, 25672, 35672-35682, 61613, 61614 (and local connection on port 53793)

► PrismMQ, BackOffice, PrismCommon, V9Replication: 1521 (DB) and 61613 (RabbitMQ) - all connections are outgoing

► Prism license server: 6470 (listening on it) and 1521 (DB)

► Prism Proxy: 443 (outgoing connection to Apache) and 8080 (configurable - listening on it)

Retail Pro 9 Related ports

► Rpro9.exe: 1521 (DB) and 6469 (license server) - all connections are outgoing

► V9 license server: 6469 (listening on it) and 1521 (DB)

► Oracle: 1521

► ECMExchange.exe: 20000 (configurable)

Published on Jan 16, 2017 in Installation


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