How to Resolve - The (Cayan) Bypass CED Screen Appears Blank


The (Cayan) Bypass CED screen can appear blank during the end of a credit card transaction (see Figure 1 below).This can occur in the latest version of Retail Pro 8 (version 8.70.400.44 and above).


The user is presented with a blank browser window during the credit card transaction (see Figure 1 below). This occurs after credit card information is entered, and after the user has selected the "Submit" button. This is when the Bypass CED browser windows should return control of the transaction to Retail Pro 8.


Retail Pro 8 (version 8.70.400.44 and above) is compliant with new PCI Software Security Council standards for TLS cryptographic protocols. As part of this recent adoption Retail Pro 8 makes an external call to an IE browser window for the credit card tender (if system is using the Bypass CED option). This external window sometimes does not perform an essential redirection at the end of the authorization process that returns control of the transaction to Retail Pro.


To resolve the issue simply reload the browser page at the end of the process by selecting the reload page icon (or press the F5 button). By reloading the browser page, the page will be re-directed and control of the transaction is returned to Retail Pro 8.

Note: Doing this once should cause the re-direction command to be saved in the browser cache. Therefore, the Bypass CED function should now work error-free on all transactions moving forward. If the browser cache is cleared, the solution must be re-applied.

[Figure 1]

Published on Dec 20, 2017 in Store Operations, EFT & Payments


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