Best Configuration for Document Item Lookup in Retail Pro Prism

The Document Item Lookup feature dictates how a user can look items up on a document. It is important to carefully consider how the lookup configuration can affect the user experience when scanning Items on documents.

By default, you should set only one "Lookup Item By" field and this field should be an indexed field.

Typically, we find all or most items in a retailer's inventory are tagged and scanned by UPC or ALU. After you determine which barcode will be scanned, you should use only this single lookup when scanning items on documents.

In the case of items with damaged or missing tags, or for a subset of items tagged with a barcode which is not the default barcode, the user can find items via advanced lookup.


Available Inventory Lookup Fields in RP Prism Preferences

Use one of the four indexed fields for best performance

  1. Active
  2. ALU (Indexed)
  3. Attr
  4. Class Name
  5. Controller Sid
  6. Cost
  7. Created By
  8. Created Dt
  9. Currency SID
  10. DCS
  11. DCS SID
  12. Department Name
  13. Description 1 (Indexed)
  14. Description 2 (Indexed)
  15. Description 3
  16. Description 4
  17. Discontinue Date
  18. First Received Date
  19. Item Size
  20. Kit Type
  21. Last Received Date
  22. Last Sold Date
  23. Lot Type
  24. Loyalty Earned
  25. Markdown Date
  26. Modified Date
  27. Non Inventory
  28. Order Cost
  29. Orderable
  30. Orderable Date
  31. Post Date
  32. Price in Points
  33. Regional
  34. Scale SID
  35. Sellable Date
  36. Serial Type
  37. Special Order
  38. SPIF
  39. Style SID
  40. Subclass Name
  41. Tax Code
  42. Tax Code SID
  43. Tenant Sid
  44. Trade Disc %
  45. UDF1 - 10 string
  46. UDF1Date
  47. UPC (Indexed)
  48. Vendor Code
  49. Vendor List Cost
  50. Vendor Name


Below is an example with correct configuration using UPC because this Retailer's Inventory is tagged with UPC.

Document item lookup in Admin Console