Troubleshooting the Accounting Link for Retail Pro

The Accounting Link enables retailers to send accounting data from the source database (Oracle in either Retail Pro 9 or Retail Pro Prism RIL) to an external accounting package.
When attempting to read Accounts Payable (AP) values into the Accounting Link AP module, you may receive a message saying, "There is nothing to read for this date range."

This is in almost every case a configuration. Use the following troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve the issue.


How to Troubleshoot


1. Are there valid AP Vouchers?

AP transactions must have the following to be read into the Accounting Link as Accounts Payable:

  • Have a vendor that has the "Accounts Payable" Flag set to "YES"
  • Have a "Vendor Invoice AMT"
  • Have a "Vendor Invoice Date"
  • Have a "Vendor Invoice Number"


2. Are the AP Preferences for the Accounting Link set up correctly?

The following preferences must be configured in Preferences:

  • The AP Module must be selected for the accounting package to which you are linking.
  • The Store on the voucher must be set to USE and have a company assigned to it under Store Account Manager > Stores
  • The Accounting Package Path must be set. This depends on the accounting package for which you are configured under the AP Module above.


3. Do the valid AP transactions fall within your date range?

Make sure the AP vouchers' "Created Date" falls within the time range for which you are reading.

Once each of the above criteria have been met, and assuming the rest of the Accounting Link is set up correctly, the AP Vouchers will read into the Accounting Link successfully.

Published on Jun 18, 2020 in Accounting Link, Configuration & Settings


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