Resetting the Force Deactivations counter in Retail Pro Prism

While attempting to force deactivate secondary licenses at the Primary License Server, you may receive an error message saying, "You have exceeded the maximum number of allowed forced deactivations."


Screenshot of error message




You must update (synchronize) your Primary License Server with the Retail Pro Orders site.



  1. Log in to the Primary License Server
  2. Launch the RP9/RIL Service Manager
  3. Click "Retail Pro License Server" and select "Configure"
  4. Select "Update License"
  5. Click "OK"
  6. You should receive a message saying, "Update License Succeeded"



If the update fails, producing a "Node Already Activated" message, then you will have to do an "Activate," but attempt the update first.

Once you have successfully synchronized with the Orders site either by Update or Activate you will be able to continue your force deactivation of the secondary licenses.



Published on Jun 18, 2020 in Licensing, Errors


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