Troubleshooting Replication between Retail Pro Prism and RIL

At times, there is no replication occurring between Retail Pro Prism and RIL, though there are new messages which need to be sent.

This can occur when there is a discrepancy between the RIL address in Installation Defaults and the RIL address in Connection Manager.

While you can enter an address as a hostname, IP address, or FQDN, the format must be consistent. Entering an IP address or FQDN in one field and a hostname in another field can break replication, as in the images below.

In the first image, an FQDN is entered as the RIL Address in the Admin Console's Installation Defaults.  The second image shows a hostname in the RIL Dashboard of the Admin Console's Connection Manager. This inconsistency will prevent replication between RP Prism and RIL.


RIL Address in Installation Defaults

RIL Address in Connection Manager



This can be remedied by changing the RIL Address in Installation Defaults, which updates the v9_address value in the rps.controller table of the database. 

At this point, messages going from RIL to RP Prism should process through automatically.

Messages going from RP Prism to RIL will need to be sent again, however. This can be done either with the resend tool or by editing each record that needs to be resent. 


An inconsistent address is one cause of issues in replication between RP Prism and RIL. For further assistance in troubleshooting this problem, please contact Retail Pro Tech Support.

Published on Feb 12, 2021 in Data Replication, Configuration & Settings


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