New Retail Pro Product Updates This Month

New Retail Pro product updates this month

Retail Pro International is pleased to announce the availability of new updates for the latest Retail Pro products. These software updates are free for users who have a current Retail Pro Software Assurance plan.

Here is a quick overview of what’s new in these updates.


Retail Pro Prism

With this update, Retail Pro Prism now includes several new features that will help you take greater control of your store operations. New features include:

  • Committed Quantity When checking available quantities, Retail Pro Prism will include both quantities headed into and quantities headed out of inventory, to give you greater flexibility when a customer wants to buy a quantity that exceeds the store’s current inventory.
  • Central Gift Card Items When cards are purchased or redeemed, the transaction is verified against the Centrals server in real time, helping you prevent gift card fraud and abuse.
  • BioMetric Login Enhancements Retail Pro Prism now supports biometric login, which enables your store employees to log in using a thumbprint or fingerprint.
  • iOS Launcher version 2.0 The new iOS application launcher improves performance in an iOS environment and streamlines setup and configuration. You can also now use the onboard camera at the POS, eliminating the need for additional Bluetooth scanners.

To see a full report of new features and fixes in Retail Pro Prism 1.11, download the What’s New document on the My Retail Pro customer portal. Login required.

Retail Pro 9.4

This URC for Retail Pro 9.4 is a general maintenance and minor feature release. It includes application fixes for issues encountered within the field, as well as some requested changes in functionality and support for the European payment interface, Adyen Payment Systems.

To see a full report of new features and fixes in Retail Pro 9.4, download the What’s New document on the My Retail Pro customer portal. Login required.


Retail Pro Decisions

Available to all Retail Pro customers, Retail Pro Decisions is the new business intelligence and visual analytics software module which helps you understand your business better and spot trends using your retail data from all relevant sources, including POS, ERP, CRM, excel spreadsheets, Google analytics, social media, multiple databases, and more.

Clear dashboards help you review KPIs against your goals for all of the following:

  • Seasonality analysis
  • Store performance
  • Vendor performance
  • Sales overview
  • Cost, margin, and revenue detail
  • Item overview and breakdown
  • Customer overview and statistics
  • Salesperson performance and statistics
  • And many more

Visit our website to learn more about Retail Pro Decisions, and contact your Retail Pro Business Partner for a free demo of Retail Pro Decisions today.



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