Your retail data determines AI effectiveness

In today’s real-time global economy, retailers are hunting for strategic optimizations to improve experience and spark long-lasting brand engagement.

About 85% of companies think AI will offer the competitive advantage they’re after, but only one in 20 (5%) is taking advantage of its capabilities today, according to a report by MIT’s Sloan Management Review and the Boston Consulting Group.

Retailers seek out AI-driven technologies to profitably engage customers and reduce time, cost and error in decision-making.

Research Gate reports, “AI allows retail to gain sharper predicting tools that ensure the making of sharper business decisions. Algorithms intensify the ability to view business implications and translating results like higher sales and lower costs through customer service, product inventory, and staffing.”

But for many retailers the data needed for actionable insight is fragmented and scattered across the organization, perpetuating skewed learnings and inefficiencies in customer experience.

Clean, connected data is indispensable for AI.

With Retail Pro, you have the critical, advantage-gaining resource for AI: years of structured POS data. AI learns from your data for you, giving insight for helpful customer engagement that strong operations alone cannot deliver.

  • Unified visibility to help you improve performance
  • Unified data to recognize customers and anticipate needs
  • Unified operations to control inventory so shoppers won't leave disappointed
  • Unified technologies to give you insight into how to put shoppers first

Want to hear more on how unified data in Retail Pro helps you give shoppers the experience they want? Request a consultation today.

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