Now Available: Retail Pro Prism 1.13

You’re building and optimizing your business on Retail Pro – and we at Retail Pro International are continuously improving our software to deliver a POS platform on which you can retail with confidence.

Thus, we are pleased to announce our latest release, Retail Pro Prism 1.13. This release is marked by significant operational and user experience improvements that will allow you to accomplish more with the application, such as:

  • Exchange data in near real-time with improved data replication
  • Take greater control over automatic enterprise-wide price changes
  • Centrally manage employees, groups, password policies and permissions
  • Maintain and manage operational data for store management to streamline store openings

You can get full details on new functionality, resolutions, and enhancements in What’s New in Retail Pro Prism, located in the documentation section of the My Retail Pro portal.

Please contact your Retail Pro Business Partner today to get access to this update, or to get your firsthand look at what’s new in Retail Pro Prism.


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