The loyalty currency: The science of buying ROI [Watch Now]

For decades, retailers saw loyalty and rewards programs as a necessary evil to incentivize shoppers toward repeat purchases at discounted rates.

But what was once a loss leader exercise can now instead be harnessed to drive new revenue.

Today, AI-powered loyalty transforms mere discounts into useful currency between a retailer and their shoppers.

As a currency, businesses can trade in points and punches for shopper transaction history, birthdays, home addresses, email, marital status and much more – to help retailers curate better experiences through personalized content and promotions.

Loyalty is no longer a system of distributing anonymous discounts to the unknown masses.

It is the engine for personalization and the path to true, tangible ROI.

Watch this recorded webinar as we dig into top perspectives on loyalty and rewards systems as they have been used for decades, and how you can use it to start buying measurable ROI today.


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