New features and functionality in Retail Pro®

We are pleased to announce the availability of new and updated features in Retail Pro Prism® and Retail Pro 9® (versions 1.5 and 9.4, respectively), with full support for Windows 10!


New features and functionality in Retail Pro Prism


Here are a few highlights from updates to Retail Pro Prism:

Receiving Designate expected/unreceived shipments with Advanced Shipping Notice vouchers, perform batch receiving, enter shipping package numbers, and manage vendor invoices for accounting purposes
AirPrint (iOS) Optimize your in-store mobile strategy with support for AirPrint printers with iOS devices running Retail Pro Prism
Gift Receipts Print gift receipts for a customer’s purchase separate from the sales receipt
Tech Toolkit Execute on all your database-related tasks and conveniently access Retail Pro Prism tools like Retail Pro 9 Image Exporter, Document Designer, and CodeSite Viewer
Z-Out Running Total Comply with regional requirements for non-resettable totals for sales completed on a POS


Get the "What's New" document for Retail Pro Prism 1.5



New features and functionality in Retail Pro 9


Here are a few highlights from updates to Retail Pro 9:

Inventory and Documents Personalize the post-shopping experience with custom messages like “You were served by Elizabeth” receipts with the expanded ability to add unabbreviated employee fields to any document designs, and consolidate items in receipts and slips for a cleaner look
ECM Speed up ECM communication and data transmission by easily purging inactive items in the Tech Toolkit – without using a custom script
Physical Inventory and Price Management Improve your PI process by applying current inventory cost to the PI Start Cost with the new Update Start Cost button, automatically clear markdowns after and update, and secure customer price level preferences


Get the "What's New" document for Retail Pro 9.4


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