Now Available: Retail Pro Planning

By popular request from our Retail Pro users, we are pleased to announce the availability of a new add-on, Retail Pro Planning.


What is Retail Pro Planning?

Retail Pro Planning is best of breed sales forecasting, inventory planning, and open to buy software and expert consulting services delivered by your dedicated Retail Pro Planner.


How does it work?

The software leverages your POS data to forecast future sales to help you buy the right inventory, at the right time intervals, in the right amounts.

Seasoned consultants with extensive retail expertise and training will work with you one-on-one to help you realize profit potential in your inventory and purchasing strategy.

You can learn more about Retail Pro Planning on our website here.


Is it for me?

Retail Pro Planning will make the biggest impact for retailers seeking to increase sales and create more cash flow with less inventory.

Retailers using Retail Pro Planning today have experienced significant business results, including:

  • Increased turn
  • More than doubled GMROI
  • Substantive ROI increase, frequently ranging from 5 to 12.9 dollars for every dollar spent (retail case studies are available for review and reference)


Can I get a free trial?

Visit our website in the next 30 days to get your free inventory analysis to see how you can improve your product performance with Retail Pro Planning.

Get my free inventory analysis today

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