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Initialization Profile Best Practices

Initialization takes longer than necessary and sends more data than needed to a new location when using the default profile.

Create a custom Profile for initialization and avoid using the default All Resources/ All subsidiaries profile.

Recommendation / Guidelines:

  • Send only the subsidiary data for the subsidiary that the new store installation belongs to
  • Send only ACTIVE inventory
  • Send only ACTIVE customers
  • Do not Send un needed documents (such as adjustments or slips and vouchers from other locations or for periods in the past)

Method for Creating Your Custom Initialization Profile:

1. After you have successfully configured your V9 connection on the POA Open Prism> Administration Console>Connection Manager>Profiles

2. Choose Add+

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3. Select V9 to Prism from the Type drop down

4. Next Select the subsidiary that the store belongs to in the SBS Filter box

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5. Provide a name for the Profile in the Name field

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6. Select the appropriate resources for the location that you are initializing under the Resources box. (For example, a new location may only need preferences, inventory, customers, and employee).

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7. Where appropriate use the Advanced Filter option to limit the content of the selected resource

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For more information on configuring Advanced Filters in connection manager refer to the following document on the documentation portal: