Build your omnichannel operations on Retail Pro Prism


Retail Pro Prism is fully customizable, integrable POS and retail management software that helps retailers improve efficiency in inventory, customer, and store operations management across channels.

Whether you operate as a franchise, corporate store, outlet, or multi-subsidiary retailer, you can overcome data fragmentation and configure Retail Pro to your exact workflow, branding, and business needs.


Full-featured enterprise POS


Full-Featured Enterprise POS

Expand what your POS can do with complete access to customer details, gift card balances and promotions while benefiting from native offline capability and enhanced security.

Integrated software


Integrated Software

Use open APIs to integrate data from third-party solutions including ecommerce, loyalty, ERP, CRM, accounting, and any other tool you use.

Omnichannel order fulfillment


Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Create sales at one location and fulfill the order at any other location, as part of your BOPIS, Click and Collect or other omnichannel efforts.

Browser-based POS for Uncompromised Mobility


Browser-Based POS for Uncompromised Mobility

Empower associates to complete transactions and inventory tasks anywhere on the sales floor with your choice of Windows, Android, or iOS devices.

Configurable User Interface


Configurable User Interface

Increase transaction speed and efficiency by customizing the user interface with your exact checkout workflow and preferences.

Centralized Inventory Management


Centralized Inventory Management

Save time on inventory management with robust style definition grids and centralized control that allows you to have complete visibility across all locations and online.

Configurable User Interface


Automated Replenishment & Transfers

Increase inventory turn and keep your shelves fully stocked with automated inventory transfers between stores and best replenishment features.


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