Training and Certification Options

A range of training and certification options exist for Business Partners and Customers. Review the list below for a description of the benefits and costs associated with each training and certification option.

Online Training Course Listing

For individuals looking for a more flexible training environment, online courses are ideal. They are available 24-7 from any location with internet access. And they allow you the freedom to self-direct your experience and work independently at your own pace and schedule.

Cost: All self-paced, online training courses are free-of-charge for Business Partners

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Remote Certification Listing

All key Retail Pro certifications can be taken remotely using a secured, browser-based proctoring system that ensures the integrity of the certification process. Powered by the Software Secure Remote Proctor Now system (, all you need is a web browser, web-camera and microphone. The systems will verify the student's identification and record the entire exam session. Retail Pro University will then review the exam session recording to ensure the integrity of the exam.

The cost of taking a remote certification exam is $100 USD per attempt. There are no limits on the number of attempts per exam. We will invoice your company directly on a monthly basis.

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Classroom Training

A formal, structured class allows you to concentrate on learning Retail Pro in a distraction-free environment. You have access to an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who encourages student feedback and is mindful of different learning styles. A classroom setting allows you to openly and freely exchange ideas and promotes a richer learning experience. Classroom training is the fastest and most efficient way to prepare for certification exams, which are also included at no additional cost.

Cost: the cost to attend an instructor-led certification class varies by class type and location:

  • 2-Week Retail Pro 9 Class (inclusive of certification exams) – $500.00 per employee. Obtain a $250 discount for each end-user/customer you enroll.
  • Authorized Training Center Classes – check with the ATC.

Onsite Training

For a company with a large number of employees to train at the same time, this may be the most efficient and cost-effective method available. The class can be customized to meet your specific training needs – from single day seminars to full 2-week long certification classes.

Cost: $150 USD per training hour (8 hours per day), plus travel and expenses.

Tech Support Requirements


RPI Technical Support requires successful completion of an online course in order to obtain support services for RP Prism.

  • Retail Pro Prism Systems Engineer (RPPSE)


RPI Technical Support requires successful completion of three specific Retail Pro 9 certifications in order to obtain support services for Retail Pro 9 related issues:

  • Retail Pro 9 Applications Expert (RPAE)
  • Retail Pro 9 Systems Engineer (RPSE)
  • Retail Pro 9 Reports Professional (RPRP)


RPI Technical Support requires successful completion of two specific online coures in order to obtain support services for Retail Pro 8:

  • Retail Pro 8 Applications Specialist
  • Retail Pro 8 Certified Technician