Nordics retailers gain flexible Point of Sale for omnichannel retail with fiscalization of Retail Pro Prism, latest platform from Retail Pro International

Dear friends of Retail Pro –

If you have plans to take your business to the Nordics, we have great news: Retail Pro International has achieved fiscalization in Norway and Sweden for our latest platform, Retail Pro Prism.

Building on Retail Pro International’s 20-year presence in the Nordics, fiscalization for our latest solution gives specialty retailers in the Nordics access to advanced technology designed to be the flexible foundation for omnichannel retail.

Retail Pro Prism is also fiscalized and localized in many more countries for your use worldwide. For over 20 years in the Nordics and 35 years worldwide, Retail Pro International has provided a base platform and robust API to allow support of regional requirements specific to a retail management system and point of sale. From the UX where local language support is key, to the more complex needs of taxation and reporting requirements, localization has and continues to be part of Retail Pro's DNA.

Accessible APIs as well as a full library of available Plugins and integrations for Retail Pro Prism will help you fine tune your retail POS system to specific regional requirements and streamline your processes as you build and scale omnichannel operations.

We at Retail Pro International are committed to helping you build your omnichannel strategy on the Retail Pro Prism platform with the local expertise and support of your Authorized Retail Pro Business Partner. Many retailers now have solid data on the outcomes of implementing necessary operations to tie together the online and in-store experience during COVID; you likely have also now experienced firsthand the pain points of disconnected data for these omnichannel operations.

Unifying sales, inventory, customer, and other retail information on the Retail Pro Prism platform will help resolve many of the bottlenecks retailers face on their way to seamless omnichannel.

In addition to fiscal reporting, the Retail Pro Prism platform also gives you in-depth KPI reporting and centralized visibility for your own needs in monitoring your business performance across locations and regions. Store-level visibility into inventory and customer history across locations empowers your sales staff to engage in clienteling and to offer shoppers a consistent experience, informed by shoppers’ interactions with your brand.

We believe retailers unifying commerce in the Nordics and worldwide will find Retail Pro Prism’s deep capabilities to be a strong fit and foundation for their unique, business-specific approach to omnichannel, and we are excited for the extent of what is possible for retailers with the Retail Pro Prism platform.

Please contact your Authorized Retail Pro Business Partner today for a consultation on how you can build your omnichannel strategy with Retail Pro Prism, or to see what’s new in Retail Pro Prism.


Kerry Lemos
Retail Pro International | CEO