Frequently Asked Questions

General Overview

What are Prism's key features?
Prism supports all the key features needed in a retail environment: Point of Sale, Customer Managment, Inventory Management, Employee Management, Purchasing and Receiving. Prism enables retailers to customize the UI and workflow to suit their specific needs. As of late 2019, there are only a few program features that are not available in Prism and that require the use of RIL Prism Management. As a new product, there is not a one-to-one matching of features in Prism Management. Instead Prism delivers features and functionality demanded within a retail environment to best address the retailer's needs. (Note: Reporting for Prism is available through the Krunch reporting application)
Can I run Prism on a mobile device?
Retail Pro Prism has been architected to be a browser-based application. It can run on I.E v10 or later, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. This gives you the freedom to choose the desired hardware platform - Windows PC, Windows Tablet, Apple iPad, or Android. Prism includes a special layout (Portrait Layout) that optimizes the screen display for iPhones and other small form-factor devices. Prism is available as an iOS app in the Apple Store. The RP Companion app, when installed on an iPhone or other iOS device, enables employees to use their phones to review item sales, look up prices and even record PI counts.
What Retail Pro Prism features can we expect in the future?
The following features are scheduled for upcoming release, based on the current product roadmap.
Does Retail Pro Prism have offline mode capability?
Yes, if configured for Centrals, Retail Pro Prism supports offline mode for the completion of sales transactions and customer changes and will synchronize with the centrals database when the connection is restored.
Is the Retail Pro Prism/RIL set up a client-server architecture mode?
Retail Pro Prism is built upon an N-Tier architecture that allows the application to exist separate from that of the database installation and Retail Pro Prism services. The flexibility of Retail Pro Prism allows one to install in a client-server topology, a centralized topology, or a lighter weight thin-client topology.
How difficult is Retail Pro Prism to deploy?
Installation and configuration of Retail Pro Prism is straight-forward. The Retail Pro Prism Getting Started Guide, available on the web site takes you through the process of installing Prism, configuring communication settings and initializing the Prism server with data from an RIL Oracle database. The first server installed (e.g. HQ) serves as the root of the enterprise. Once the root server has been installed and initialized, install individual store servers and initialize the store servers with data from the HQ root server. Hardware is a key consideration for new installations. The Getting Started Guide explains how to configure Prism for use with POS hardware like printers, cash drawers, line displays, etc.
Are store operations and back office features available Retail Pro Prism today?
Yes. Available functionality includes: Inventory, Physical Inventory, Adjustments, Departments, Vendors, Purchase Orders, ASNs, Vouchers, Batch Receiving, Transfer Orders and Transfer Slips. As of late 2019, only a few program features are unavailable in Prism. You can continue to use the RIL Prism Management application for those features unavailable in Prism. As the features become available in Prism, they will be disabled in RIL Prism Management. Here are some of the main features that still require use of RIL Prism Management: Reports, Regions & Districts, Auto Utilities (Auto Min/Max, Auto PO, Auto TO), Commissions, Sales Targets, PI Update, Sublocations, Customer Binning and Scoring, Customer Loyalty (creation of loyalty levels and programs).

Product Training

Is there an online training/certification course for Retail Pro Prism POS?
Yes, we have an online training and certification course tailored specifically to that of Retail Pro Prism and Retail Pro Prism POS. This training material and additional Prism webinars are available via the Retail Pro University.
Is supporting documentation available to assist with the implementation of Retail Pro Prism POS?
Yes. A full gamut of supporting documentation is available to the Business Partner community via the Partner's web site. The supporting documentation includes useful details like a full set of user guides, training materials and supporting sales and marketing materials.
Is online training available for Retail Pro Prism POS?
Yes. Retail Pro Prism POS has a full online training program designed to provide the information necessary to fully utilize the functionality of the application.
Who can attend the online training for Retail Pro Prism POS?
As with all Retail Pro products, the training for Retail Pro Prism POS is open to all Business Partner staff and Retail Pro users.

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