Retail Pro Professional Services

Retail Pro Professional Services offer the technical expertise of the Retail Pro team to oversee and coordinate all your critical project implementations, from start to finish.

Project Management

Best for: High complexity expansions, implementations, upgrades, customizations, and integrations

Retail Pro Best Practices Consulting

BEST FOR: Optimizing Retail Pro use in your particular business operations

Operational Audits

Best for: Retailers undergoing rapid growth and long-time Retail Pro users

Custom Programming

Best for: Highly-specialized customization and integration needs dictated by complex operational strategies

Retail Pro Training

Best for: Launch and ongoing training for your entire retail technologist team

Go Support Plus

Leverage the full spectrum of escalated service with our Support Plus package to fill in your resource gaps and get the job done. Support Plus is the highest level of support for your complex multi-region and multi-business expansion strategy.

Support Service

Support Plus Basic

Support Plus Premium

Software enhancements and fixes

Priority scheduling for serious and critical issues

Customer web site access

  • Release notes

  • Documentation Portal

  • Searchable Knowledgebase

  • Community self-help support forum

Web-based issue tracking and reporting system (WebTAC)

Authorized to call

Critical Issues Only

Named Certified Technicians




Access and escalation path certified technicians

Directed to Retail Pro
Critical Only

Directed to Retail Pro




Priority Response / Service Level Agreement



  • Severity 1 - Critical/Emergency

1 hr / 4 hr

1 hr / 4 hr

  • Severity 2 - Serious


1 hr / 4 hr

  • Severity 3 - Moderate


8 hr / 24 hr

  • Severity 4 - Low/Enhancement


48 hr / 5 days




Support hours

Critical Only





Technical Account Manager (TAM)



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