Welcome to modern retail: Retail Pro Prism 1.4 is here!

Retail Pro Prism 1.4 brings powerful new features in promotions, transfers, and many other fields critical to retail.


Retail Pro International is pleased to announce the availability of Retail Pro Prism 1.4!

Through no small amount of blood, sweat and tears, we have put together a big release for Retail Pro Prism. Okay maybe no blood, but there had to be a hangnail here or there and certainly a few finger cramps.

Suffice to say, the team has put a lot of effort into bringing some exciting new features and functionality and maybe stepped on a few bugs here and there as well. 


Highlights in this release include…


New Promotions Module




Retail Pro Prism gives you incredible flexibility and creativity in the application of promotions at POS - even more so than Retail Pro 9! It includes several easy templates based on popular promotion types.

When creating a promotion, you just select the template that most closely matches the type of promotion you want to create.

The template determines which fields will be available in the UI. Using the provided templates, you can create an almost unlimited variety of promotions. 


Template Type Description
Item Applies a discount amount, percentage, or a specific price to one or more items that meet the promo's validation rules.
Quantity Applies a discount amount, percentage, or a specific price to the items that meet the filter criteria are listed at the specified quantity.
Tiered Applies a different discount depending on the subtotal. Typically, the greater the subtotal, the greater the discount applied. For example, spending $50 earns a 10% discount; spending $100 earns a 15% discount; spending $150 earns a 20% discount.
Rolling Similar to tiered promotion, except the discounts are based on the quantity purchased. For example, buying 3 units earns a 10% discount; buying 5 earns a 15% discount; buying 15 earns a 20% discount.
Pack Assigns a specific price to a group of items.
BOGO Applies a discount to one or more units of the items specified in the Reward Rules.
Transaction Applies a discount amount or percentage to the transaction subtotal.
Coupon Create a promotion that award customers with one or more coupon codes when the validation rules are met. The coupon codes can then be used to validate other. (e.g. Item or Quantity) promotions.
Custom All options are available. Note: This promotion type should only be used after you have become comfortable working with the other types.





transfer slip


Retail Pro Prism now has a new Transfers module that enables you to create transfer slips to move merchandise from one store to another. Transfers are especially useful when one store has an abundance of inventory and another store has a shortage.

By transferring the merchandise, retailers can avoid having to place a new order for more merchandise and manage their inventory smarter.  


We've also made many other exciting improvements, including:

  • Initialization and Communication Improvements
  • COD/Charge
  • Enhanced Accumulated Discounting

…and much more!  


Ready for modern retail?

For a free needs assessment to see how you can accomplish your retail strategy better with Retail Pro Prism, talk to your Retail Pro Business Partner or request a consultation today!

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