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Hello there –

Are you getting all you can out of your Retail Pro?

The My Retail Pro customer portal, free with a subscription to Retail Pro Software Assurance, exists to help you maximize ROI. It gives you access to knowledgebase articles, training videos, feature walkthroughs, and other useful user resources.

Now, we’re making it even more convenient to keep deepening your knowledge of Retail Pro.

Here’s our plan

Every two weeks or so we’ll send you an email highlighting a link to new resources available to you on My Retail Pro, or helpful articles from the portal. These emails will help you discover more Retail Pro functionalities you could be using to increase efficiency in your operations.

How to make the most of these free technical resources

You’ll benefit most from these resources if they’re leveraged by the tech person on your team. If that’s not you, please email us ( with their contact details so we can make sure they get these technical tips, training, and resources.

If you don’t have a technical team member but want to learn more, you have a few options:

  • Contact your Retail Pro Business Partner for training and support
  • Get free online training with Retail Pro University on My Retail Pro

These options require a current Software Assurance policy. If you aren’t sure if you’re current or would like help renewing your Software Assurance, contact your dedicated Retail Pro Customer Advocate, Cody Vega, at Our team can help facilitate communications with your Retail Pro Business Partner to get you up to date.

Enjoy, and thank you for letting Retail Pro be a part of your retail adventure!


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