Retail Pro Backup and Recovery Best Practices

A business without a disaster recovery plan is simply asking for trouble!

Murphy's Law states that anything that can happen, will happen. Computers can become infected with viruses and malware. Hard drives can break down at any time or arrive with defects. Files can be accidentally overwritten or deleted. Employees do power off computers improperly. Power outages and spikes do occur. Buildings do get flooded or burned down.

Any one of these things, and countless other events, could result in a retailer losing business-critical data. And that data loss can have serious, real-life consequences.

Therefore, having a disaster recovery plan – both to protect the systems and data your business depends on and to recover from a disaster in a reasonable amount of time – is absolutely critical.

That’s why Retail Pro University developed this Best Practices guide to help you build your disaster recovery plan for the Retail Pro application.

You can download this resource on the My Retail Pro Knowledgebase here.

Accessing My Retail Pro resources requires current Software Assurance. Contact your Retail Pro Business Partner to see if you’re current.

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