How to Uninstall Oracle After a Failure to Install in Retail Pro Prism

In some situations, the Oracle installer may fail, resulting in a DDcompiler.log. Alternatively, Oracle may appear to succeed but will fail to allow Retail Pro 9 or RIL to complete their installation. If this occurs, it is important to remove Oracle cleanly from a host system if the installer/uninstaller is unable to proceed normally.


How to cleanly remove Oracle


1. Uninstall all Oracle components using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).

  • If this first step appears broken or does not work, skip this step.


2. Run regedit.exe and delete:



3. Delete any references to Oracle services left behind in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Ora*

(It should be somewhat obvious which ones relate to Oracle.)


4. Reboot your machine.


5. Delete the "C:\Oracle" directory, or whichever directory is your ORACLE_BASE.


6. Delete the "C:\Program Files\Oracle" directory.


7. Empty the contents of your "C:\temp" & "%temp%" directory.


8. Clean-up environment variables:

  • Consider removing %ORACLE_HOME%.
  • Remove any paths no longer needed from %PATH%.
  • You may follow up with a registry cleaning tool after restart to ensure no hKeys or variables instructing the product still exist.


If reinstalling Oracle does not appear to succeed, a clean removal of the product is always a valuable, and often necessary, first step to prepare the host before troubleshooting the environment further.


Published on May 10, 2021 in Oracle, Installation


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