Retail Pro Prism Dual Display Customization

The Retail Pro Prism Dual Display customization provides the ability to show transaction details in the customer display screen.

It consists of two levels of customization:

  1. RP PRISM SERVER-LEVEL CUSTOMIZATIONS Configuration Tool to configure the Dual Display Proxy customization.
  2. PROXY-LEVEL CUSTOMIZATIONS Proxy Customization to provide the ability to show details in the customer display screen based on the configurations.

Once the customizations are installed, you can specify many different configurations.

Specify configurations

Once everything is installed and configurations are made, the dual display customization can be seen in a regular RP Prism workflow.

After logging into RP Prism, a full screen image or video will be shown in another monitor or display as shown below. This screen will be shown while RP Prism is in an idle state, i.e., no transaction is going on.

Idle screen

When a user starts a new transaction and adds line items, the screen will change to display the following.

Line item display

When a user presses the Update Only or Print Update buttons at the end of the transaction, then the idle screen will be displayed again until the user starts adding line items in a new transaction.

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Published on Jun 16, 2021 in Customization, Plugins & Integrations


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