Unable to run default map in new 8.60 installation


Nothing happens when selecting ?Run Map? from the menu in bridge


There are no default maps in the \BRIDGE folder.

Creating a new installation of 8.60 does not install the bridge maps by default. You must install the 8.6 core which contains both a DEF_BRIDGE_MAPS folder and the necessary executables to run bridge (~bridge.exe). The default folder for bridge is \RPRO\BRIDGE. The problem arises because applying the core does not place the map files into the default BRIDGE folder. This must be done manually. The update is handled this way intentionally in order to preserve changes made to default maps by users. This way if a user ever reapplies a core or updates to a newer core they will not lose any changes they made to default maps that they want to keep.


Copy the contents of the RPRO\DEF_BRIDGE_MAPS (see below) into the \BRIDGE folder.

Once you have placed the default maps into the Bridge folder you will be able to run ~bridge.exe and access them under the ?Run Map? option.

For more information on how to use bridge see the attached documentation or visit the documentation portal and do a keyword search for ?bridge? under Version > Retail Pro 8 Serieshttp://partners.retailpro.com/Documentation

Published on Mar 18, 2014 in Technical Bulletin


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